An Alternative to Sexy

The folks over at Salon are rethinking sexy.

After years of choosing their “Sexiest Man Living,” editor Sarah Hepola writes:

We’d like to find something that better signifies what our list is: men who inspire us, make us laugh and think, and turn us on in all the right ways. The best guys, the top guys, the amazing and awesomest guys. Funny enough, all the words that spring to mind have that embarrassing whiff of corniness about them—dreamboats, hunks, studs, beefcake. It’s hard to say those words without cringing. So what to name it? “Salon’s Men We Love”? Too Esquire. “Salon: We’d Tap That”? Perfect, if it were 2005 and if by “perfect” you mean “terrible.”

So, what makes a man sexy? And for our purposes, what makes a good man sexy? Let’s help Salon out, and play a game called Name That Ideal Masculinity in the Comments. Ready, go.


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Lu Fong was a staff writer and blog editor for the Good Men Project in its formative years. As the requisite woman on staff, her hobbies included cleaning, cooking, knitting, fainting, and childbearing. Follow her on Twitter @lufong.


  1. I’d probably be happy with a “Real Man” award, but only if it kept the quotations and everyone knew that a definition like those of the other commenters applies to the title.

  2. Intelligent, aware of the Big Picture, a good sense of irony, healthy living, poetic, musical.

  3. vulnerable, honest, reliable, smart, and amazing sense of humor,

  4. Hah! My first impulse was “Crush list” but that is even worse. “Awesome?” “Favorites?” Ugh, I suuuuuck at this.

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