Gay Man Stands Up Against Homophobia on a New York Subway Train (VIDEO)

New York commuters find solidarity against hate and ignorance. 

Several passengers recorded a gay man standing up to a homophobic preacher on a New York subway train Saturday. The video, which is beginning to make the rounds on the internet, shows the preacher shouting, “If I weren’t a preacher and I saw you I would get my shotgun. Michael Jackson died because he was gay.” The passenger he was accosting then jumps up saying, “I am a man. I am a good man and I’m a gay man. And Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me! You are full of hate. You are false!”

The gay man then proceeds to shout “false prophet” over the words of the homophobic preacher who is still hurling abuses at him. The preacher makes reference to “little boys” saying, “What the hell are you teaching our children?” The passengers response to that is, “That’s not gay, that’s a pedophile.” Other passengers on the train applaud the gay man, and many begin to shout “Yes, love!” to help drown out the hate filled words of the preacher.

Watch the video:

Photo: mkhandekar/Flickr

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