Good Men Keep Their Back Straight (And Their Heart Open): A Workshop For Men in NYC (3/16)

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About Atalwin Pilon

Atalwin Pilon is a former bad boy from Amsterdam who had an experience of spiritual awakening at 32. Since that moment he committed to the truth and lives from his heart. Currently he is traveling the world on a quest for meaning, aiming to make a difference. Follow him on his blog Basic Goodness, Facebook and Twitter. You can try him out as your life coach too, if his voice speaks to you. Email him. He will be honored.


  1. Dear YOU!

    I want to meet you. I want a job with you, as a demonstration/practice woman with the men who actually pay to strengthen themselves in this Back Straight/Open Heart workshop.

    I want a man made by you. At the ripe age of 41, due to hardship, I have recently started being an independent professional companion to gentlemen. I am paid to date.

  2. Atalwin Pilon says:

    Dear Catherine, thank you for you enthusiastic reply. Before I work with you as a demonstration women we should indeed meet.

    A man made by me? I don’t think it works like that but it sounds flattering. I can only help people see what they have been overlooking and let them feel why it is beneficial for them if they integrate the blind spot. All the wisdom is already inside us, it only needs to be brought into the awareness.

    Guys, do you hear this? Women REALLY appreciate us possessing those skills mentioned above. :)

  3. Scam. MGTOW ftw.

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