Man Hands Out Money on His 65th Birthday

Nicole Johnson is inspired by Doug Eaton, who spent his birthday handing out 5 dollar bills to passersby. 

One of The Good Men Project’s chief objectives is to celebrate acts of goodness and kindness. Hence, it is my pleasure to honor Doug Eaton.

Doug Eaton has become a viral celebrity. On his 65th birthday, Doug spent 65 minutes passing out $5 bills on a street corner to people passing by. He held a large sign that read: “I have a home… and a car… and a job. Do you need a few bucks for some coffee?”

I’m inspired by Doug Eaton’s humanity and generosity. Let’s continue Doug’s pay-it-forward birthday message! Please pass this post along to your friends, and join me in doing random acts of kindness today – and each day that follows.

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  1. Why didn’t The Idiot find some true homeless people and give them the money, instead of Mocking them

  2. Copyleft says:

    Cool. I’ve had similar fantasies of what I’d do with a bunch of extra cash… and “spread it around to brighten people’s days” was always leading the list.

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