Sesame Street Addresses Parents and Incarceration

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  1. Time to turn off Sesame Street and hold the producers accountable. These are adult issues. This is just as absurb as talking about porn or rape on Sesame Street. Simply because it exists doesn’t mean every kid needs to hear this stuff. Adults need to handle these issues not the media.

  2. It would be nice if the actual humans speaking about their familial incarceration experiences weren’t both people of color. Nice way to promote a racial stereotype guys.

  3. Kirsten (in MT) says:

    Mike Riggs didn’t “clarify” his position so much as correct your misreading of his original position which did not imply what you claimed it did.

    • Kirsten (in MT) says:

      Specifically, he says:

      “Emphasis theirs. I didn’t criticize Sesame Street at all, actually. I criticized America for having so many prisoners. Or, as Dehoyo actually acknowledges, “Mr. Riggs may be addressing the bigger issue of incarceration rates in America.”

      Why Dehoyo then implies in the very next clause that I think the children of incarcerated parents have some control over their circumstances is absolutely beyond me. I didn’t write that and I don’t believe it.”

  4. Precisely. There are larger political and social issues in our world and we need to protect OUR children from our adult messes. That’s our responsibility as adults, whether we have kids or not.
    Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts were dragged through the media and political system about LGBT, Girl Scouts and Planned Parenthood teamed up on teen pregnancy and abortion, Sesame Street exposes kids to incarceration, school teachers are threatening kids with suspension or ADHD drugs if they don’t behave. These are adult social and political problems, period. Kids need hope and adults need to get our act together.

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