The Disposable Project: 9 Children, 100 Disposable Cameras


The Disposable Project is a volunteer-run charitable endeavors photo project based on the images produced by 9 children with 100 disposable cameras in Tanzania, in hopes of promoting the arts, education, and sustainability.

From May 11th to July 20th of 2011, Raul Guerrero embarked on a communal photography project with the Newlands area of Moshi, Tanzania. Collaborating with Born to Learn, a program that gives low-income children the opportunity to receive an education, he provided 100 disposable cameras to Alex Charles, Jenifer Wilson, John Leo, Kamili Kalist, Peter Michael, Petro Ngowi, Samson Modest, Sebastian Simon, and Stanley Felix. Teaching the students basic photography skills, Raul developed creative methods for them to share their stories by documenting their everyday experiences. Working as a collective, these nine students bring the faces of their community to you.

The Disposable Project is their story.

Bike Ride by John Leo 2011-2

Bike Ride by John Leo (2011)


Fieldwork by Kamili Kalist (2011)

Obama in TZ by Peter Michael (2011)

Obama in TZ by Peter Michael (2011) 

Untitled (Portrait) by Kamili Kalist 2011

Untitled (Portrait) by Kamili Kalist (2011) 

Pepsi Delivery by Alex Charles 2011

Pepsi Delivery by Alex Charles (2011)


TDP’s gearing up for the project book release, which should take place in late September. You can follow them on  Twitter and Tumblr.

Feature Photo: Movie Shop by John Leo (2011)



About Raul Guerrero

With an extensive visual communication background, Raul Guerrero relies on photography, as well as video and related media to explore conceptual projects. Raul attended Loyola Marymount University where he received the 2011 LMU Photography Scholar of Distinction award. He has also been featured in several printed and online publications. Raul currently works as a Peace Corps Youth Development/Asset Building volunteer in Outat El Haj, Morocco.

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