The Only Sensible Thing to Do: Pro Golfer Drops Trousers to Shoot from Water Hazard

So you’re a pro golfer from Denmark. On tour in Morocco. Your golf ball is in a water hazard, and you know there’s only one sensible thing to do. You drop your trousers, take the shot, put your pants back on…no wait, mark the ball first, then put your pants back on. And finish the game looking as good as when you started.

That was how Andreas Harto played it at the Trophee Hassan II European Tour event in Morocco last Sunday.

Is that what you would have done?

(We might add that his shot landed within 15 feet of the hole).

Andreas Harto


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  1. Hey ,at least he wasn’t ‘ going commando’! Plus , playing in Morroco it was probably warm out!

  2. wellokaythen says:

    Don’t forget, he’s a pro golfer. Making the shot could make a difference of thousands and thousands of dollars. Would I take my pants off if I thought it would help me make $10,000? Hell, yes. I’ll add some dancing around naked for an extra 5000.

  3. That is so awesome.

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