Awesome Video: Winning Science Award Causes Kid to Go Completely Bananas

Oh my god this is the greatest video I’ve EVER SEEN.

15 year old science prodigy Jack Andraka invented an entirely new way of detecting Pancreatic Cancer that may revolutionize Pancreatic Cancer detection, treatment and dramatically increase survival rates, which are devastatingly low. One of my heroes, Agi Hirshberg, would be so proud!

What’s best about this kid is that he is SO FRICKIN’ EXCITED to win the prize at the International Science and Engineering Fair that he has a reaction I can only compare to winning Olympic Gold mixed with “Best Actor” at the Oscars on top of being named Prom King and People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. All at once.

I mean, if you watch this and don’t want to just hug this kid, you’ve got problems. In a world where people become famous for tanning, working out, and being self-obsessed (I’m talking to you, The Situation), nothing could make me happier than a 15 year old boy who almost dies of joy at winning an award for helping detect Cancer.

Go Jack! Get on with your bad self!! And put your $75,000 prize money to good use!

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  1. “I actually love single-walled carbon nanotubes. They’re like the super heroes of material science”

  2. This kid is flipping awesome…and not just because he’s helping detect cancer. :)

  3. Hi 5 to the guy. The reaction was quite funny and heartwarming.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. That totally made my day!

  5. I really, truly, needed to see this at this very moment in time. Wow (on so many levels)

  6. He’s like the 9th grade Science Guy version of Halle Berry accepting the Oscar!

  7. Salvice says:

    I envy the parents of this kid. They are blessed to have such a brilliant child. His brainpower will work to the benefit of us all! Yay Jack!

  8. This is one of the best things Ive seen in a long time. Pure joy.


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