Having an Awkward Conversation Could Save Your Son’s Life

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  1. This doesn’t go any where near far enough in exploiting embarrassment factors in eduction for young guys on how to check balls. It sure as hell don’t get any where near mum and dads squirming.

    Can we have a few real live examples – video too please! And then we can all vote for the best blushes, most original squirm – and technical merit for visual aids! P^)

    I was wondering about two dried lima beans in a sock?

    That really will separate out the dads from the lads and mums choices would be even more fascinating! I also wonder if you need a badge for after wards, sort of “I’ve showed my son how to do his own nuts!”.

  2. John Anderson says:

    I thought circumcision was supposed to solve that. Where are the sarcasm tags.

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