What Do Men Regret Most?

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Zaneta Jung is a self-proclaimed nerd who is fresh out of college and learning to navigate post-grad life (i.e. how to buy meat). Also she wants to ride an elephant one day.


  1. It’s not surprising men also feel regret over all kinds of relationships. After all, contrary to popular feminist belief, we are human too. :)

    I have some regrets about past relationships that I probably shouldn’t have entered into in the first place, but as you said those experiences are what shapes us.

    • Please show me where a feminist has said men are not humans. Really… this crap is getting old.

      • Yes it is quite old.

        “Feminism, the radical belief that women are people too….”

        Ever heard that slogan Kyle?

        See if you can connect the dots and answer your own question.

        Hint: Think about the implications of someone who may disagree with the politics and how they would be viewed by the sloganeers

        • Bart, I’m really going to try to give you the benefit of the doubt and not assume you’re plainly retarded… but how does ““Feminism, the radical belief that women are people too….” in any way, shape, or form imply the men are not human.

          In fact, it says… men are human… most everyone recognizes this… but women are *also* humans thus also should have human rights.

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