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I am currently in a motel room next to a very pissed-off hamster and an eBay-shopping girlfriend, so instead of giving you content I’m just going to point you to a lot of other people’s cool content.

Chronic back pain is a major problem for veterans returning from Iraq.

Trigger warning for rape. Further evidence for the existence of rape culture: approving comments about how rape will await Dharun Ravi, the recently imprisoned privacy-invading homophobe who drove Tyler Clementi to suicide.

Trigger warning for torture; hat tip to Coffee Queen. LGBT prisoners have been tortured in US immigration prisons.

Tom Martin, alleged men’s rights activist, REALLY likes calling people whores.

Canadians! Support Bill C-279, because Natalie Reed is made of awesome.

Five reasons the Republicans’ war on birth control hurts men.

Pretty much the greatest headline ever.

News at eleven: the patriarchy fucks up straight men’s sexualities.

Ideas of masculinity as violent mean that a lot of people think nonviolent video games are for women and kids.

D’awwwwww story of a gay couple and their kids on a road trip.

Animals talking in all caps! They’re animals! They talk in all caps! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

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  1. Flyingkal says:

    Regarding the “News at eleven: the patriarchy fucks up straight men’s sexualities.”,
    or “The direction of desire” as the title says.

    How are heterosexual men being messed up by the ever-present foregrounding of their desires? There’s nothing like feeling yourself desired, too: it’s powerful and validating and important. If you can’t connect with that? If you’re always the pursuer of people who you don’t understand as full people? And if you can only understand yourself as not someone special, but some guy chasing around gorgeous women to get shot down by the cold bitches but why because you do everything you’re supposed to? You’re missing out in vital ways. You’re not only missing the fullness of connecting with someone you understand as a person, but the affirmation of your sexuality and you yourself.

    But what if you’ve never been, you know, desired?
    Telling me it’s validating and important and that there’s nothing quite like it, does nothing but rub the salt in the wound. I already know that! Everybody knows that! Why else would we be on a lifelong search for it?

    And people lining up over and over again on the internet, pointing fingers and telling me I’m “doing it RONG!!!111!!! Don’t do this! Don’t do that” won’t do one itty-bitty piece of difference.
    Why is it that I can’t connect, and understand them as full people?
    2 persons drunken stupid in a bar 4 o’clock at night hardly understand each other as full people either. (except, maybe, that “full” also means “drunk” in some languages…)

    Commenter “Alex” says “The thing is, there’s no shortage of women who desire me. I know that, I can see it in the way they look at me. But experience has taught me that that’s a lie – if I act on that I’ll only get rejected.”
    But what if you’ve never seen or felt the desire either? Just being toyed with?

  2. BlackHumor: Precisely why saying that Ravi drove Clementi to suicide is troubling to me. Charging him with what he was charged with seems appropriate.

    I’m the furthest thing from a libertarian, but I have a problem in general with hate crime legislation.

  3. This was a great roundup. Loved the protesting escorts and the reminder why birth control does affect men. I’ve been boggling about that ever since it first came out.

    And thank you for linking my blog, I’m glad you found it of value!

  4. BlackHumor says:

    He wasn’t legally liable for Clementi’s suicide. The judge was very clear on that during the whole trial. What he was found guilty of wasn’t driving Clementi to suicide but harassing him for being gay.

  5. “Dharun Ravi, the recently imprisoned privacy-invading homophobe who drove Tyler Clementi to suicide.”

    Ozy, I hate to disagree, but I have a problem with the idea that Ravi drove Clementi to suicide. I’m glad that he was convicted of what he was charged with, but I think the idea that someone can be legally liable for someone else’s suicide is a very dangerous precedent.

    There’s also something telling about the prison rape comments: I think they a sort of deferred homophobia/femmephobia. Being gay is okay, but only if you’re not on the receiving end. Ironically, I’ve encountered this even among gay men, that being a top is preferable to being a bottom.

  6. BlackHumor says:

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