What Makes A Democratic Republic?

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About Sean Davis

Sean Davis is a Purple Heart recipient who served in the army infantry for fourteen years; during his time in the military he served on numerous deployments including a revolution, a war, and three humanitarian missions. He left the military to go back to school and received his Bachelor's from Portland State University and his Master's at Pacific University. He lives in NE Portland with his beautiful family and Great Dane/Mastiff.


  1. wellokaythen says:

    I guess I’m sort of fatalistic about telling people to vote, similar to the way that people are fatalistic about voting itself. Is there any evidence that my telling other people to vote would make one shred of difference whatsoever? Society’s haranguing, encouraging, or guilting them into it clearly hasn’t worked very well.

    I’m almost tempted to take the opposite approach. If you want people to vote, tell people NOT to vote. Tell them the government doesn’t want you to vote, and this is “for your own good.” Have disrespected authority figures tell them to stay away from the polls. Get their parents and grandparents to tell them that they are too young to vote. Make a “Reefer Madness” movie about the dangers of casting a ballot. All of this would make voting far more appealing to a lot of people, and they would vote out of spite.

    • I love the idea of the Reefer Madness movie about the evils of voting. It may send the youngsters to the polls in droves. I had to keep myself from leaning to the left on this piece. It was very difficult, but despite it all I find that I am actually very optimistic about how our government works. I think we’d have a better turn out if we re-tooled the electoral college. And then there is the two-party system…

      I do have confidence and optimism in the process but I think like any other system it needs to be updated according to the times we live in. What do you think?

  2. AnonymousDog says:

    Our democratic republic also has legislators as well as state and local officials who are elected. The president does not run the country by himself. Voters should educate themselves about candidates in all branches at all levels of government, not just the presidency.

    • I agree completely. This is only one branch of a three branch system and I thought about going into that, but I didn’t want to give a poly sci lesson. The truth is most of us can use a lesson. You’re right; the president doesn’t run the country by himself, but the world sees the president as an accurate representation of the US population.
      I’ve had those conversations with the people who live in Third World countries around the world and this is how they believe. Third World, I just realized that is a Cold War term. There isn’t two major superpowers anymore. Does that make everyone else Second World?

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