We’re Looking for a Few Good Laundry Horror Stories

Come clean — send us your favorite story around laundry. We’ll publish the great ones, and make the best into a video.

Do you wear your underwear two or three times before washing them? If so you’re the one guy in eight who admits to doing that, according to a survey from Clorox.  Some more startling revelations: More than half of men rely on a sniff test to determine whether a garment is good enough to wear again, and men between the ages of 18-29 only wash their bed sheets once a month on average. A bed bug epidemic? We wonder how that happens.

A lot of men think of laundry as an annoyance, and one they’ll take pains to avoid.  But avoiding the problem of course solves nothing, while potentially turning a minor inconvenience into a horrifying laundry story. We had a friend in college who contracted folliculitis, which in his case was the infection of a hair follicle on his arm caused from dirty bed sheets. Yeah, try explaining to girls why you have a giant puss-filled pimple on your arm. Believe it or not, they probably won’t find it charming.

Have you or someone you know had a similar horror story — around laundry? We would love to quote you in an article we’ll be running on June 17. And then the very best of those will be made into a video.

“For some men, doing laundry used to be scarier than a deep fly ball in the bottom of the ninth,” said Dr. Laundry, a.k.a. Mary Gagliardi, a scientist at The Clorox Company.

And folliculitis? Yeah, the best way to solve that problem is to wash your sheets on a regular basis.

We’re not asking you to air all your dirty laundry — just those that involved actual washing of clothes. So send us your laundry-related horror story and we just might turn it into a humorous Good Men Project video.

Email Laundry Horror Stories to laundryhorrorstories@goodmenproject.com

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