30 Dates. 30 Days. 30 Cities.

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Benoit Denizet-Lewis is an editor-at-large with The Good Men Project magazine, a contributing writer for The New York Times Magazine, and the author of two books, including America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life.


  1. If I were single I would put in my application! :-)

  2. You’re a bold fellow, Kevin! Good luck on your adventure and I hope it’s a wonderful trip! :)

  3. Think it sounds like a perfect way to meet your soulmate. Good for you for opening to all of it. Hmm . . . now who can I set you up with in San Fran? Ah, I have an idea!

  4. The cynic in me says ‘how can a good-looking guy like yourself NOT find anyone?’ When I first saw your photo I automatically assumed you probably had several boyfriends already. But then after some thought I realize that when it all comes down to it, we’re all looking for that someone special. Good luck to you! You’ll find him!

  5. Well he is dreamy looking and a bit crazy. He’s either a very good lay or seeking material for his next book (maybe both). When you pass through new york city, call me!

  6. A most excellent adventure, Kevin, so please blog about it. I’ve used similar unconventional dating approaches and have many wonderful memories and friends to show for it. Go for it.

    My 2-cents worth of advice: when the man is ready, the husband will appear. In my case, that happened last year, in my 40s, when I decided to do a two-day Buddhist bicycle pilgrimage: Jeff and I met on that ride for the first time, even though we both have lived in San Francisco for over 20 years and share common acquaintances.

    Enjoy the process because that’s all this life is.

  7. If I too were single, I’d apply in a heartbeat for a date :)

  8. What the fuck?! My brain just exploded. Are the previous posters kidding? If you think your soul mate is someone who advertises, schedules and discusses a self-important project about thirty dates in thirty days, you need higher self-confidence.

  9. just sounds like a traveling salesman (aka whore)

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  11. Try Dubrovnik, dear, before you go home.

  12. The Bachelor says:

    I second the traveling salesman comment. 30 dudes in thirty days under the guise of getting a date is gilded harlotry.

  13. bachfan23 says:

    This caught my eye because this man looks a lot like my husband, who I met online years ago. We thought that he should come to Boston sometime since at the time he lived in North Carolina. I proposed a date that he thought sounded very romantic: the Boston Symphony Orchestra, a post-concert meal and then a moonlight walk along the Charles river. Shortly after, we had that first date (thought it was a tour of MIT and Harvard, and then the walk, followed by dinner and a harp concert–that I put on) and the rest was history.

    The point is you don’t have to do dinner and a movie, nor fall into bed on a first date. I think this is a great idea and I do wonder what will happen at the end…for us, it was a wedding and a home 5 years later. Our dates still consist of traveling to interesting parts of New England and the world!

  14. Publicizing screamer!

  15. Now is anyone doing this in Asia??? LOL!!!

  16. The thing is, it’s not about how you look or what you’ve got going for you. In the gay world, our numbers only make up 3-8% of the population. And within that small group of people, you’ve got to navigate friends, sex, dating, people you want to spend time with, people who aren’t ready for what you want, people who have tried for years to find someone and have had no luck…it’s very easy to begin doubting your self-worth and ‘what’s wrong with me!’ when nothing happens. Because too often, we compare our lives to non-gay peers who have over ten times the choices, parental approval, and dating usually doesn’t require the uncomfortable topics of being out, being uncomfortable being seen with another gay person, and of course sexual compatibility. We just have so much more to work through and it takes a lot longer to find someone who clicks.

  17. Man, I wish I were 10 years younger! This dude’s my wet-dream come true! LOL

  18. paul kidwell says:

    I’m with Amy. You might be a decent enough chap, Kevin, but I think your quest is pathetic.

  19. WOW, this story is amazing! If he wants to have a date with a 31 year old writer who is – frankly – sick of NOT finding a soulmate and he wants to stop in Fort Lauderdale, sign me up!

  20. Kevin – lets set you up with @thebabyguynyc (on twitter) might be a great match.

  21. i think this is a cool idea and hope maybe I get a chance to meet you.
    Hope it goes well and keep updating on how it goes

  22. strong bad says:

    My lord – this screams of ego, ego, ego. Only people worse are the sheep who would want to go out with him on this “project”.

  23. This isn’t a nice guy. He is doing this whole idea to write a book, not find his soulmate! Guess he forgot to mention that one little detail.

  24. poppetmagnet says:

    On the surface he sounds a nice guy but why would someone who’s looking for people who are comfortable in themselves fudge his age? He’s 32 in a Queerty article yet lists himself as 27 on his Grindr profile while in Oz. Strange?


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