The Other Eye of Superstorm Sandy

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About Erin Kelly

Erin M. Kelly is a columnist, writer, and freelance editor with Cerebral Palsy who wants to be recognized for her work rather than her disability. She’s a 2009 graduate of Penn State Altoona, where she majored in Letters, Arts and Sciences. During her senior year, she was hired as a columnist for The Altoona Mirror, the daily newspaper in Altoona, PA. Her column entitled, “The View From Here,” runs monthly and addresses in a light-hearted, humorous manner the challenges she faces daily. Writing is her window to the world and gives her the opportunity to bring what’s inside out.


  1. Justin Barr says:

    I am currently enrolled in a master’s program in special education and part of one of my courses deals with physically impaired people like Erin and Murtagh. I never realized until some time ago the importance someone’s wheelchair has to a person. In fact I used to think, “oh that poor person’s confined to a wheelchair.” I see it totally different now as people shouldn’t think this way because truthfully most people who are physically impaired do not see themselves as less able. They just need to go about doing certain things differently. Anyway, the wheelchair is now a part of a person who relies on it to engage in day-to-day activities and this article gives credit to that notion from a first-hand account.

  2. Thanks, JB! I chose to do this story because, as I mention, it raises questions that are relevant right NOW, and still will be long after Sandy has gone. I wanted to add something to the original piece that wasn’t already there, and that’s what I hope to do with all my stories here. I just don’t want people to forget – or disregard – there’s two sides to every story: the one that’s in plain sight, and the other that you always have to take a second look to see.

  3. Dean Marcaurelle says:

    A wonderful, sensitive and insightful article, Erin.
    Your friend, DEAN

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