Naked Athletes: What’s the Problem?

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Brandon Sneed is the author of The Edge of Legend. He also writes for ESPN The Magazine,, and other places with names, and he is the founder of GoodCall ( @heygoodcalll). He really wishes NZT was real.


  1. As a comic book reader, I can attest that the beauty of the male Physical Form holds no repulsive effect on me. however the nature of male beauty does bring about the troupe of M.A.P.P

    …Man As Protector & Provider…

    A Man’s Physical Form is just a tool of the violent protection of WOMEN and nothing else! Please understand that there are as many homophobic Women perpetuating the exploitation of the male frame for as the nearest white nationalist homophobe.

  2. I don’t have a problem with it but I’m for equality. The women should be able to show just as much skin as the men.

  3. I don’t have a problem with it. But I saw a picture of Hope Solo watering her lawn naked. What does that have to do with sports? Slip n slide?

  4. As a photographer, I think these pictures are gorgeous and very artistically appealing.

  5. They’re beautiful pictures, artistically. But yeah, there’s nothing pornographic or sexually appealing about them for me. What these athletes do is incredible, but I wouldn’t necessarily want all men to look like that. I wouldn’t write someone off for looking super athletic (they certainly worked hard to get there) but I find love handles super cute and adore skinny boys. The male form is incredible, in all its shapes, sizes, and heights.

  6. Aya, that’s a great comment. Thank you.

  7. Funny. According to Yashar Ali’s GMP posting from today, body image is a women only problem. Guess he needs to start reading something other than Seventeen.

  8. The Greeks and Romans appreciated naked human form, and so do I.

    From some older heterosexual guys, I hear them complain that women today expect them to be more than a good provider; they need to take care of themselves, staying attractive and being in good shape. I have little sympathy for this lament. What is good for the goose is good for the gander!

  9. I know someone who may disagree with you Brandon. He has termed this kind of photography ‘sporno’ just to emphasise how pornographic it is. I give you Mark Simpson:

  10. What can make these shots pornographic (or not) is their marketing. On the end user side – it’s pornographic if you use it as a masturbation aid.

    I find these pictures erotic and stimulating, so for me, they are pornographic – but I agree that that is not all they are.

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