We Are All Wrestlers

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About Kevin Duffy

Kevin Duffy is a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Coast Guard and a graduate student at the Harvard Kennedy School. He wrestled for Cohasset High School (MA) and the United States Coast Guard Academy.


  1. “This, of course, is also an extremely strong argument, and should resonate with anyone who has any sense of history whatsoever. The Olympic organizers go to great lengths to tell us (most especially in their television broadcasts) how different the Games are, how, with laurel wreaths and elaborate ceremonies and triumphant music, they are a better, purer sort of athletic event, steeped in history and tradition. For the Olympics to present themselves so forcefully in this light and then drop one of the original sports seems hypocritical, a betrayal of the very historical value that the Games are meant to embody.”

    great point, and great article.

  2. Great writing with lots of great points. I was especially touched by your writing about the antiquity of the sport–I knew it but had not thought about it consciously–since I just finished a class on myth and image in the book of Genesis. Young wrestlers need something to aspire to, they need Jordan Burroughs and Rulon Gardener and Karelin and 1992 Kurt angle.

    • Jameseq says:

      when i read this article i actually thought it had been written by you, after your fine defence of your sport in the previous gmp piece

  3. And there goes the myth of the amateur athlete…..
    What can I say, showed for my youngest’s match yesterday, he had a forfeit , I haven’t been to the gym in a week…. I never thought of leaving…
    Helped clean up, both coaches told me that my son had told them I wrestled & I was inordinately proud.

  4. Great article and points made. It’s an immensely disappointing thing that happened, and many people are waiting with baited breath for the IOC to make the right decision. I agree with you, Drew Diaz, regarding the amateur athlete. It’s one of the few sports in the olympics with pretty much zero funding and next to no sponsorship money. There is no equipment to give you the edge (even runners have spikes and swimmers now wear advanced costumes), it is all down to you and your skill. It should stay for that reason alone.


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