Science: NASA and Space X Make A Date To Meet The Future This Weekend


SpacexIn hard economic times, prospects of exploration and space travel seem not just illogical but impossible. For almost everybody …

An exact date has bounced around for the last couple of weeks, and NASA is finally giving SpaceX the go for a rendezvous between the company's Dragon capsule and the International Space Station. It's a landmark launch for SpaceX, and one that's poised to make history for the next generation of manned spacefaring efforts.

This won't be a trip where SpaceX carries a group of NASA astronauts to the International Space Station, but it will certainly pave the way for that to happen. SpaceX will instead deliver 1,200 pounds of goodies and necessities to the multi-national crew currently aboard the ISS, proving that its Falcon 9 rocket and Dragon spacecraft is up to the challenge, and that SpaceX can offer a total ground-to-orbit package for NASA.

Not only NASA, but anyone who can pay, really — as a private spaceflight company, SpaceX can accomodate anyone who can pay, which is what today is seen as the spaceflight reality of tomorrow: private and competitive with more focus on space exploration, mining, tourism and even habitation like never before.

You can watch the whole thing this weekend at NASA TV.

[Source: DVICE, NASA]


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