My very un-tenthings guestpost shared on a very excellent blog

I wrote a guest post on a sad dating story for my wonderful blogger friend (and former tenthings guestposter) Sexy Typewriter, who writes an amazing blog about dating (by the way, if you are a man interested in amazing women, you should date her).

Here is my very un-tenthings guestpost, in all its sad glory:


About Josh Bowman

Josh Bowman is a professional fundraiser, story-teller, comedian, and blogger. He has worked and consulted in Vancouver, New York, and now Toronto for almost a decade. Josh improvises around Toronto, including regular shows with Opening Night Theatre, and also blogs for the Huffington Post. You can email Josh here.. If you want to know more about Josh, check this post and this post out first.


  1. nadinethornhill says:

    I came, I saw, I read your story at Sexy Typewriter and I loved it! Except the heartbreak part, which was sad.

  2. Thanks for pimping me out to your comedy dudefriends, Joshua! (No, seriously. I love comedy dudes.)

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