I’m a Man, Not a Lad

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About Kieron Casey

Kieron Casey is a writer and broadcaster who has previously had his work featured at The Guardian and BBC. He blogs regularly for a number of outlets and recently started his own site, KC's Man Blog, to take a left-field look at men's fashion, lifestyle and modern notions of masculinity.


  1. Unfortunately, manhood is understood by society as supposed to be macho. I never pretended to be macho and was uncomfortable with that. And so I was stereotyped as in between. So sad that masculinity is defined by society either as should be the bad boy or else you’re not man enough.

  2. Stereotypes harm both genders in ways a lot of people aren’t even aware of. This view of masculinity devalues men as well as women. Kieron and Rob to me you are the definition of manhood. Keep talking like this until your voices drown out the “lads”. You’ll always have support, respect, and equal value in this woman’s eyes.

    • Hi Laura,
      Thanks for your kinds words – I will indeed keep talking like this as it’s always great, and reassuring, to find there are lots of other men who feel the same!

  3. Kelley Urry says:

    Hi Kieron

    Well- written, thoughtful and pure quality.

    Congrats to understanding what feminists who adore men are all about!
    How could a woman be a good mom without the respect and understanding she
    deserves for – at the very least- the hard work she puts in for her children.

    It must be very difficult for so many women who have married “lads.”
    My heart is with them.

    And, yes, those magazines are indeed bo-ring!

  4. John Anderson says:

    I wonder if those magazines are referred to as lad mags because men are expected to grow out of it.

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