The Cook

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About Vincent Francone

Vincent Francone is a writer living in Chicago.  He has been published in Rhino, Spectrum, and other print and web journals and won 1st place in the 2009 Illinois Emerging Writers Competition.  He publishes book reviews on Three Percent and occasionally updates his blog.


  1. Hunter @Green Detective says:

    Bravo for finding your Mojo in the kitchen. A family that cooks together, stays together.

    Not all 50′s Dads missed out, as family nurturers. Mine was Mr. Mom for family of 10. Don’t worry about gourmet production, any meal with heart is a gift, especially when cleaning up afterwards.

    Kiss the Cook!

  2. Thanks, Hunter.

    My old man ended up becoming quite a good cook himself. He mellowed a lot as I got older and now makes a mean pot of red sauce. Time changes all of us.



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