Call for Submissions: Polyamory/Fidelity


A double header. Two themes, one call.


What is polyamory, and how is it different from polygamy, adultery, swinging, or being single? Have you tried and failed at open relationships? Are you considering opening your currently monogamous marriage? Does polyamory as it’s practiced today manage to avoid the sexist binds of more traditional romantic relationships? Can polyamorists raise secure children? Is it possible that three, four, or more parents manage better than only one or two?


What does it mean to be faithful and practice fidelity? How do we define fidelity? Is fidelity always sexual or can you have an open relationship while maintaining a sense of faithfulness?

Write on either theme, or both. Submissions will begin running on Monday, February 27. See the Good Men Project Content Calendar for more information on upcoming themes, and submission guidelines.

Questions and submissions should be emailed to Julie Gillis ( or Justin Cascio ( Deadline is noon on Sunday, February 26.

About Justin Cascio

Justin Cascio is a writer, trans man, and biome. His most recent publication is a short memoir, "Heartbreak and Detox," available on Kindle.
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