Visions: 6/22

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An examination of the ways that what you see in your mind’s eye influences your life.

A rite of passage that some men experience, and will set out to encounter as a personal challenge, is the vision quest. Some will receive messages, or see signs, that change the course of their lives. What set you on your vision quest?

A vision may come in a literal dream, or as a daydream. It may come when you are under enormous pressure, or when you are thoroughly relaxed. You might bring on visions through fasting, by staying awake all night or putting your body through other extremes of endurance. You may take drugs that induce hallucination. Or you might make yourself very comfortable and focus, without any particular goal but to listen, as through meditation. What tools did you use to achieve your vision?

Depending on your traditions, your tendency toward introspection and how you value a vision that comes to you may vary. Do you call this a spiritual message, an extraordinary experience, a trip, a journey? Did you honor the vision? How did it amaze or impress you?

Less important than what you saw is, what did you take from your vision? What did you learn come to believe? What have you promised to do differently in your life, after receiving this vision? Have you kept those promises?

Stories of men’s visions are being solicited for an upcoming series on The Good Life. Two examples of stories that will be included in this series are Delivered from Abortion: Healing a Forgotten Memory, originally published in The Good Life’s series on Abortion, and The Doctor who Went to Heaven, originally published in a Good Life series on Spirituality & Ethics.

To submit your story of a vision, send your pitch or completed draft to Justin Cascio in the body of an email, as a Google Doc or attached Word Doc, at by Saturday, June 22. Submission length of about 800-1200 words is encouraged. Direct other questions and suggestions to Justin at the above email address.


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