Why Does Vibe Magazine Think These Women are Role Models?

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Media professional and radio personality Showtime has become the voice that listeners and readers have come to recognize as their own. Born in Hampton Roads, Virginia, Showtime was the product of a single-parent home and raised by his mother. After losing his father at an early age Showtime began to lean on the culture of Hip Hop as a way to fill the void that was left by his father’s death. Showtime is an accomplished radio professional, author, and blogger who uses his voice to help guide the lives of today’s youth. He is a dedicated father who uses his experiences as a testimony to encourage other men in the area of fatherhood.


  1. Unfortunately, I have seen seemingly grown women behave like that (ie., slapping each other on the arm)…as shocking as that may seem….the truth is some women have not progressed much since high school level antics…and, indeed, the women who were guilty of this only had high school educations…I think you have to consider the socioeconomic background of women like that (maybe that’s okay behavior from where they grew up)….

    That said…I have also seen seething, less overt hostility in more educated, more “posh” women….the truth is there are some angry women out there, who act out their frustration about their husbands (or lack thereof), their financial worries and jealousies, their poor self-esteem, and their insecurities about their weight or fading looks….I have learned to just back out of situations like that (you have to keep a certain distance….especially if you feel your presence is threatening someone else’s relationship with her BFF)…

    Women express their violence and hostility in so many different ways…I have been burned in the past because many times they cover it first with politeness and niceties (because that is how they are expected to behave in public)….

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