About Kenny Bodanis

Kenny Bodanis is the author of the parenting book "Men Get Pregnant, Too (despite never pushing a watermelon through a pigeonhole)" . He is a parenting columnist and blogger at www.MenGetPregnantToo.com. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google +

Boys Will Be Boys Because We Want Them To Be


Kenny Bodanis cites four parental culprits that reinforce societal stereotypes and keep boys stuck in outdated notions of boyhood

Secrets and Smokes at Two Minutes to Midnight

boys sleepover parties, boys slumber parties, 1980s, 80s nostalgia, boyhood, rites of passage

Kenny Bodanis is a father of two small children: nowadays, he craves sleep. But 25 years ago, up late with his friends, it was a different story.

‘Today Show’ Promotes Nauseating Interview With Jerry Sandusky

ap_jerry_sandusky2_dm_121009_wg (440x275)

Kenny Bodanis questions why Jerry Sandusky should be given a platform to tell “his side of the story?”

Guess Who Created Your Little Bully?

maternity ward, parents, parenthood, mother and father, where bullying starts, domestic violence

Lisa Dixon-Wells, bullying prevention expert, on bullying behavior: how it starts, where it leads, how to stop it.

Mainstream Media Spins Parenting Studies


Identifying three examples of media misrepresenting clinical studies, Kenny Bodanis concludes that parenting studies are more than catchy headlines and one-sided stories

Is The Good Men Project Really the Best Place to Shop Hot Russian Women?

photo by istolethetv

Kenny Bodanis imagines what it would be like to contact the company in charge.

Shouldn’t the Kids of Parenting Bloggers Have a Right to Privacy?

photo by timmccune

Kenny Bodanis believes the stories of his children are not his to tell. What do you think?

Can Men Be Romanced on Valentine’s Day?

photo by karenhorton

Kenny Bodanis has a relationship with Valentine’s Day that can best be summed up as “It’s complicated.”

Lessons Learned at The Summit of Dads


Kenny Bodanis on how the Dad 2.0 conference changed his outlook.

The New Lucky


After tragedy, we develop new regard for our everyday blessings.

Good Men Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies


Men, we have met the enemy, and he is us.

My Life as a Male Figure Skater


In the Eighties, Kenny Bodanis endured homophobic jeers for his love—of the challenge, camaraderie, and spotlight—of life as a male figure skater.

“Can I Blog Too, Daddy?”

Screen shot 2012-11-13 at 7.55.28 PM

Kenny Bodanis is proud that his son wants to join him where he works… on the internet. Uh-oh.

Yeah? Well You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Either!


Married men: when was the last time your wife brought you flowers?

Parents, What’s More Brutal: The Anxiety or The Grind?


When worrying about your children’s future gives way to dealing with them in the present.

An Open Letter to Children of Screaming Parents


Kenny Bodanis has some sage advice for the parents of that kid who won’t stop screaming.