About Noah Brand

Noah Brand is a writer and editor, and quite possibly also a cartoon character from the 1930s. His life, when it is written, will read better than it lived. He is usually found in Portland, Oregon, directly underneath a very nice hat.

What Nobody Wants To Admit About Rape Culture

Nobody’s in favor of rape, but it keeps on happening. What’s not working?

How To Honor Soldiers Who Died For No Reason?

We can’t keep pretending that most of our wars have been noble or worthwhile, so where does that put us on Memorial Day?

Why Are We Expected To Root For Torture?

If it were just one movie or TV show, we could dismiss it. But it’s a consistent trope across many different stories. Why?

The Men of Marvel’s Agent Carter

They’re more than just sexist jerks, they’re the heroes of a different show.

Money Porn: The Objectification of Christian Grey

A story with toxic ideas about gender includes the toxic image of men as success objects.

On Microaggressions

Being a man doesn’t mean you don’t get daily doses of nasty gender stereotypes.

Why I’m Not Excited About The New Star Wars Movies

Noah Brand grew up in 1990s Star Wars fandom, and was there the day it died. Like most geeks, I’ve been hearing a lot about the new Star Wars movies for a while. People opining one way or the other about casting announcements, plot leaks, the teaser trailer, whether the new sequels will be wonderful […]

Libidos, Assumptions, and Miscommunication

The way we talk about sex is based on some very dubious assumptions, starting with the idea that “normal” is a thing.

The Roots of Nerd Rage, Part 2

How does nerd rage feel from the inside? And what can be done about it?

The Roots of Nerd Rage, Part 1

From “fake geek girls” to Gamergate, a certain demographic seems constantly, causelessly angry. But are you sure it’s the demographic you think it is?

Why Men Spam Women On Dating Sites

Explaining one of the internet’s most annoying mysteries.

The Legacy of Al Feldstein

The recently-departed editor reshaped the 20th century from behind the scenes.

To The Woman Who Let Her Daughters Play With Me

A strange man talking to two little girls isn’t necessarily something to be afraid of.

What The CW’s Arrow Gets Right About Its Hero

The popular superhero soap is running the grim-and-gritty arc in reverse, and that’s pretty cool.

Male Beauty In Art

A charming blog explores the diverse expression of how cute men are.

The Positive Legacy of Fred Phelps

Without meaning to, the late hatemonger did one good thing for tolerance in America.