A Guy Picks Up a Bottle of Water, and It Turns to Ice in His Hands. Magic? Or Science?

supercooled water

For some reason, people seem to think the fact that he is in North Carolina is pertinent. It’s not.

Is There an Attack on Recess? Michael Kasdan Discusses on HLNtv

Michael Kasdan on HLN

What are the implications of a world where children are tested and structured and not allowed time to play?

11 Ways to Join the Conversation


You’ve been reading The Good Men Project. Now you want to know how to join in. Here’s your cheat sheet.

If You Are Skiing and There’s Something in Your Way—Just Jump Over It

Candide Thovex One of Those Days

Candide Thovex in ‘One of Those Days 2′

“I have promised myself to explore and express being human more this year. “


Comment of the Day: A reader responds to an article about locking oneself into gender roles.

Things Women Do That Would Be Creepy if Guys Did Them

creepy things women do

To be fair, some of these things are creepy even when women do them.

Whatta Man [Music Video]

whatta man

Salt-n-Pepa give praise to a good man

Things You Might Have Missed


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Real Men From 1982 [Music Video]

joe jackson real men

Joe Jackson wrote Real Men in 1982. How much have men changed since then?

Heart-Racing: Grooms Seeing Their Brides For the First Time

grooms see bride first time

Is someone chopping onions in here, or is it this montage of some of the greatest videos of grooms seeing their brides for the first time?

Living Without Water, Until Surfers Changed His Life


There is a big world out there to explore and Sammy the grommet from Sumba is keen to see it all.

Even Terrorists Take Selfies

Amedy Coulibaly and Hayat Boumeddiene in 2010.

We hear the word “terrorist”, it distances them from us. We forget that they go about their lives, doing normal 21st century things.

Amazing Big Man Acrobats. Big. Big Men. [video]


These are not your common everyday acrobats. They’re way more awesome.

Look, Even Jimmy Fallon Gets Confused Around Gorgeous Women!

Jimmy Fallon Nicole Kidman flirting

In the most charming clip in the history of late night television, Nicole Kidman admits that she hit on Jimmy Fallon a decade ago – and he totally messed it up!

The Best of Social Justice 2014


Justice and rights have been unavoidable topics in 2014. Here is a sample of unique opinions that GMP Social Justice is known for.

Would You Change a Light Bulb on the Top of a 1500 Foot High TV Tower?

change light bulb

We have to ask—why is it the norm for the most dangerous jobs to be done by men?