How Your Feet Help You Sleep


Is this the easiest life-hack to help make you fall asleep?

Easy Ways to Find Time to Workout During a Busy Week

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Comment of the Day: “Yes, being single is wonderful. But it has it disadvantages as well.”

photo by khash

This comment is by CHall on the post “Live Your Life for You: 7 Reasons the Single Life is the Best Life.”

A Whole Lot of Awards for this Animated Short. And the Word You Will Remember is ‘More’.

Coda. A lost soul meets death

The beautifully animated short film “Coda” is about a lost soul who meets death and just wants a little more time.

How the Supreme Court is Helping Us Break Down the Man-Box

The Supreme Court Breaking Down the Man Box

“Because of all that has happened this week, the generations after us are going to experience the world differently.” Inside the conversation at The Good Men Project.

Comment of the Day: “I realize after racist incidents how inept we often are as white people in truly having a conversation about race and racism.”


This comment of the day was by Andrew Pollom on the post “In the Spirit of John Brown: A Letter to White People After Charleston”.

Community Healing Starts With One Out of Work Friend


Sun Cedar is staffed by the formerly incarcerated and the homeless.

Taking Your Kids to “The Park”: Why Three Dads Are Excited About “Jurassic World”


Three dads from the “Jurassic Park” generation talk about the various ways they’ll be sharing “Jurassic World” with their children… #JurassicWorldAtTarget

Comment of the Day: ‘Another characteristic of Twiftys may be doing things that are not PC for your sex.’


This comment of the day was from Jed Diamond on the post “Take a Quick Check, You Might be a Twifty?”

Time Travel, Inter-dimensional Porthole, or Good Fun?

time tunnel

Bremerhaven, Germany may have broken through to the other side!

5 Reasons Not to Circumcise Your Child

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 12.03.15 PM

Justin Dennis gives five great reasons to leave your baby’s penis alone in this awesome video.

These Kids Saw a Before/After of Caitlyn Jenner… How Did They React?

kids talk about caitlyn jenner

“Who she wants to be is who she should be,” one little guy says.

The Best Basics to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

summer wardrobe Macys sponsored post

Brought to you by Macy’s.

How to Work Like a Dad: Our Interview with the Creator of “The Working Dad’s Survival Guide”

The Working Dad’s Survival Guide: How to Succeed at Work and at Home

Author Scott Behson talks to GMP about his new book, work-life balance, paternity leave, his advice for career-driven dads, and how the modern workplace can make the lives of working fathers easier.

Comment of the Day: ‘We speak and act as if there is a big factory somewhere that magically and efficiently pushes out fish, chicken breasts, and ground beef, when the reality is actually much less Ford and much more Updike.”

pig factory

This comment of the day was by Brett Wolff on the post “‘Why Do We Have ‘Fish Sandwiches’ but no ‘Bird Sandwiches’ or ‘Mammal Sandwiches’?”

This Guy Did a Dance Routine in 100 Different Places and Edited It Together. Enjoy.

100 days of dance guy

It started with a bucket list item: #22 Learn to dance.