This Man Just Heard the News: ‘LeBron is Coming Home’


Lebron James announced that he will be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and at least one fan is dancin’ in the streets!

Thailand’s Take On Tech: Where Does It Leave Dads?

Thailand 1

Two GMP writers offer two different takes: Is this a glimpse at new, unsure parents or another poor example of the modern dad in advertising?

“I had a bucket list at 17 years old.”

before I die photo by digital temi

This comment was by Hell_on_Wheelz on the post “4 Ways Living in Another Country Will Change Your Life of the Better.”

Turning Hate to Love, One Paintbrush at a Time [Video]

paintbrush-san diego

Pride Month may be over, but the fight for acceptance isn’t.

Barcelona Like You’ve Never Seen It. A Beguiling 2 Minute Time Lapse


Truly, to call this a time-lapse doesn’t do it justice. The city sparkles and comes alive.

Ride the World’s Tallest Water Slide — by VideoCam


Hello Verruckt. How tall is “tallest”? At 168 foot 7 inch, the starting point is taller than Niagra Falls and should reach a maximum speed of 65 mph. Enjoy!

Can You Care About Society and Environment?

SELF -'s Cause of the Month

There should be no line between society and environment. S.E.L.F. has found one way to balance the two!

Boys in France Wear Skirts to School in Protest


It’s called ‘Lift the Skirt Day,’ and aims to reduce sexism in French schools.

Holiday Inn: The Perfect Stop Along Your Journey to Extraordinary


We’re all on a journey to somewhere. And we’re all headed in the same direction: forward.

“Don’t let extraverts dictate normality. Alone does not need fixing”


Leave Me Alone, I’m Not Lonely

Was This Man-Hug The World Cup’s Best Moment?


There couldn’t be a better example of sportsmanship than what happened on Friday at the World Cup.

How to Cut a Pineapple, That Most Intimidating of Fruit


Have you ever looked at the whole pineapples in the produce section of your grocery store and thought, “what in the world do I do with that?”

Cut 10 Small Tomatoes With a Single Stroke of a Knife


How to cut tomatoes like a Ninja. All it takes is a sharp knife and two small plates. This is definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that” life hacks.

“If we drive a father into the ground, he CAN’T keep his commitments?”

dad and kids

Deadbeat Dad Doesn’t Strike Back

Dear White America

Dear White America

Danez Smith is demanding that White America look and listen to the reality of racism.

Build a Backyard Fire Pit This Afternoon, Sit by the Fire Tonight


Get the Smores ready!