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We chose some highlights from this week with themes of love, parenting, humor, body image, domestic violence, and finding your voice.

21st Century Masculinity. What Does It Mean?

21st century masculinity photo by Paul Stevenson

A conference call on manhood vs. personhood led to a lively conversation about what it means to be a man in today’s world.

In relationship to my kids, I am humbled at what they have taught me


One reader connected deeply with a story about what we can learn from children.

Stories You Need to Read


Maybe you missed these. We’re giving you a second chance to take a first look.

Things You Say When You Don’t Say “I Love You”

when you don't say i love you

They’ve been together eight years, they share a home and a life, but they’ve never said those three little words.

Comment of the Day: “My perception of beauty has always been different from that of the men around me.”


This comment is from Theorema Egregium on the post “The Fatal Flaws of Pick-Up (And a Promising Alternative)”

The ‘Try Guys’ Tried On Valentine’s Day Lingerie so You Don’t Have To

try guys valentine's day

Sometimes you just gotta see what it’s like.

Obama and a Selfie Stick: Could Our President Be Any Cooler?

President Obama BuzzFeed

How did BuzzFeed get our venerable President to make silly faces in a mirror and say “Yolo”?

When You See Who Did It You Will Laugh Out Loud


Another day in the life of a 21st century man.

That the sign change won’t change everyone’s mind, but boy it is a huge improvement.


Times are changing, and so is the recognition of the silent messages our environment sends.

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The Day I Laid Off My Mentor

men with shovels

True Story. Business is business, but if it doesn’t hurt sometimes you may not be human.

This is Why You Shouldn’t Flirt With Colleagues…

Don't flirt at work

This video is super funny, but it does bring up some important points.

Budget Minded Dad Hacks Truck Transmission Repair

Budget Minded Dad Hacks Truck Transmission Repair

Being a father can be a financial juggling act. This dad found a quick fix until the next check comes.

What about dads and daughters? Where are those pictures?


What about affection between dads and daughters, especially teenage daughters?

Jay Smooth: Marshawn Lynch and the Quiet Theater of Disobedience

jay smooth marshawn lynch

Is Lynch’s standoffishness a form of “guerilla theater”?