Was This Man-Hug The World Cup’s Best Moment?


There couldn’t be a better example of sportsmanship than what happened on Friday at the World Cup.

How to Cut a Pineapple, That Most Intimidating of Fruit


Have you ever looked at the whole pineapples in the produce section of your grocery store and thought, “what in the world do I do with that?”

Cut 10 Small Tomatoes With a Single Stroke of a Knife


How to cut tomatoes like a Ninja. All it takes is a sharp knife and two small plates. This is definitely one of those “why didn’t I think of that” life hacks.

“If we drive a father into the ground, he CAN’T keep his commitments?”

dad and kids

Deadbeat Dad Doesn’t Strike Back

Dear White America

Dear White America

Danez Smith is demanding that White America look and listen to the reality of racism.

Build a Backyard Fire Pit This Afternoon, Sit by the Fire Tonight


Get the Smores ready!

Join the #UnitedWeShave Movement this Summer

united we shave

This Independence Day, Schick® Quattro® is inspiring guys to reclaim their chins, buck beards and make this the summer of the jawline.

Dance Your Way Into a Pair of Pants. (No Hands Required)

put your pants on

This guy finds a way to combine his early morning workout with getting dressed. And there you have it.

Hah! Surprise Babies in the 115,000 Volt Substation

baby birds

Finding all kinds of cuteness, in the most amazing places.

An End to World Hunger?

Agricultural Revolution

Cities grow bigger and higher. Population density shoots up. How do we feed all these hungry bellies? Singapore just might have a solution to world hunger.

Prisons Animated

Prisons animated

Hank thinks the prison system is, “messed up,” and he has a snappy video to explain why.

Amazing People Doing Amazing Things

amazing people

A video compilation that will make you sit up and go “wow,” as people attempt to do things truly out of the ordinary.

“Secure your own mask before trying to help others?”

Happy couples

“Happy Wife, Happy Life?” How about ‘Happy Spouse, Happy House’ Instead?

Caught in the Middle of Inter-Racial Bickering. What Would You Do?

what would

In this segment from the hit TV show What Would You Do, a black man brings a white woman into a barber shop in Harlem and gets yelled at because of it by an actor. Watch how people around them react.

A Whale Set Free Says ‘Thank You’ as Only a Whale Can


Three sailors work for hours to free a Humpback Whale entangled in a deadly net. The whale is clearly overjoyed.

“Do Men Want Sex All The Time? It’s BS”


The 3 Most Damaging Myths About the Sex Lives of Men