This Guy Did a Dance Routine in 100 Different Places and Edited It Together. Enjoy.

100 days of dance guy

It started with a bucket list item: #22 Learn to dance.

Comment of the Day: “As a Mormon, I can tell you we’ve been targeted. I also know it’s not the same.”


This Comment of the Day is from Clark Larsen, on the post Religious Discrimination & Bullying

Food Truck Serves Up Social Justice


Former Rikers Island incarcerated men are driving change with food

The Teenagers of Today Create the Narratives of Tomorrow

Adobe Youth Voices Award Narrative

Look at the types of creative projects the youth of the world are making today. They will transform the way you think about teenagers. They will transform the way you think about art, and social justice, and gender and news and politics and the world.

If You Are Going to Be Conscious During Brain Surgery, You Might As Well Play Guitar to Take Your Mind off it, Right?

Playing Guitar During Brain Surgery

We bet the surgeons enjoyed the work environment a little more, too.

Reflections on Dating a Kleptomanic

Tuker Bryant Dating a Kleptomaniac

And I asked her, “How do you even choose what to steal?”

The Best Part Is Not that They Built the Ultimate Eating Machine. The Best Part Is Watching this Dad and Daughter Build a Contraption Together

dad daughter ultimate eating machine

This dad’s invention shows how building with your kids — even when it goes horribly wrong — is always wonderfully right.

Two Guys Discover a Whirlpool Which Sure Does Look Like a Portal to the Underworld

whirlpool is portal to underworld

Watch this swirling hole in a lake devour everything in sight.

‘Every Week I Go to Couples Therapy. With My Depression.’


If you don’t know what depression really feels like, you will after hearing this. Brilliant spoken word poem by Patrick Roche.

Soldier Watched His Baby Born on an iPad, But Had a Surprise For His Wife the Next Day…

soldier holds baby first time

This video reminds us of how much even the tiniest baby means to even the biggest and strongest of men.

Comment of the Day: ‘This is one of the advantages to being a misfit growing up.’

Nope, All the Cool Kids atTEDxPHX Wear RED Keds

This comment was by Jed Diamond on the post “But Where Do Men Go From Here?”

Say What?! Memorial Day Edition


While we get settled in for our BBQs, the NBA and NHL playoffs were in full swing, men were driving cars fast around the track in Indy, and the French Open got underway. The sporting week…in quotes.

How Difficult Is It to Speak Up? Listen To This.

I love to ride trains and subways Sam Cook

Amazing story by Sam Cook, “Flatland” will leave you breathless with insight.

Can a Man Scare Away a Charging Bear? Why Yes He Can

man scares bear

Ralph Persson and his wife were out walking their dogs in Sweden when they encountered a bear. Ralph took his protector role very seriously here.

Because You Always Wanted to See Science Bob Blow Up a Watermelon

watermelon explodes on kimmel

A watermelon, a soda bottle and liquid nitrogen—BOOM! Literally. Be sure to stay around for the slo-mo replay. And Jimmy Kimmel’s banter is the best.

Remembering the First Time You Were Called the N-Word

racism is alive N-word

Many of these people were just children the first time someone used the N-word to harm them.