“What’s the point of replacing female models with everyday dudes?”


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The Most Impressive Trick Video You’ve Ever Seen… Filmed In Only One Shot

Dude perfect stunt video

A guy covers his eyes and shoots an arrow one inch from his friend’s face. Another throws darts next to his pal – while facing backwards. It’s pretty impressive – and it’s fake!

Benedict Cumberbatch Photobombs to the ‘Jaws’ Theme… And It’s Amazing

benedict cumberbatch u2 photobomb

The ‘Sherlock’ star’s photobomb of legendary band U2 was funny… But it became epic when set to the ‘Jaws’ theme.

“It’s an amazing thing to discover the child you once were is still there.”

lonely boy

Tweet This comment is by Luke Davis on the post I Was That Boy. I Am This Man. I wrote a poem about much the same thing. Its an amazing thing to discover the child you once were is still there and still as awesome as he once was. Where is that boy There is […]

“Choose love, joy & compassion, step away from bitterness & resentment.”

ugly divorce

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” Equality is the goal, not men bullied into submission.”


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Shoot Christians Say – Another Great Tripp and Tyler Video

Christian manhood Tripp Tyler

YouTube superstars Tripp and Tyler poke gentle fun at the things that symbolize Christian manhood.

“What is the difference between conscious persistence and mindless compulsion?”


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What is an Iditarod Without Snow? A Harrowing Helmet Cam Journey

Jeff King Iditarod

Take a wild sled dog ride with Jeff King, 4 time Iditarod champ. And hold tight as you experience the worst conditions in history.

Made Man: Nathan Fillion Almost Ended Up Living In His Parents’ Basement

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 8.59.08 PM

Our favorite Browncoat, Nathan Fillion, sits down with the best interviewer on the Interwebz, Paul F. Thompkins.

“Does a consumerism mad society breed narcissism and selfishness?”


Are We Not Men (and Women)?–Apparently Not? Cadillac’s Ad Polarizes

“Do you want to be “right,” or happy in fulfilling relationships?”

listen to me

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Watch “Love More, Hurt Less” Google Hangout

Steven Shewach

“You get to choose how you’re going to be in this world”-Steven Shewach

Open Thread: What Does the Negative Commentary About the Oscars Say About Us as a Society?


Ken writes, “we live in a strange cruel society.” What do you think?

“Men are complex emotional creatures, just as women are.”


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“Men: Your experience is not valid…women describe how gender effects you.”

men and women

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