One Simple Statement Can Un-Stick Your Stuck Relationship

jayson gaddis unstuck

A helpful video from Jayson Gaddis, who works with couples day in and day out on these issues.

Having a Day? These Kids Might be Able to Help

stronger 2

Need some inspiration? Click here.

Into the Light: On Men and Shame


GMP is having a site-wide conversation about men and shame. Read the stories here and consider sharing one of your own.

Train Station Crowd Unites to Free a Trapped Passenger

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 4.17.13 PM

This is humanity at its finest, in an Australian train station.

One Tip for How to De-Escalate a Fight With Your Partner

jayson gaddis responsibility

…it’s probably not what you’re expecting.

A Brief History of Sexting


“Sexting” is apparently not as new a phenomenon as some people think.

Is Suing and/or Impeaching the President Appropriate or Cheap Politics?

Suing d President

Should suing the President be limited and impeachment reserved for the constitutional definition of “treason,bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors”?

Watch These People As They Sleep Through Their Scenes On Live TV

passing out

Falling asleep on the job is a particularly irksome trait when you can be caught on camera at any moment.

The Scary Internal Monologue of a First Date (video)

true first date

You’ve been there… you probably know it well.

“Kids started calling me faggot in 4th grade. I never came out. I was outed before I even knew what the word meant.”

hiding photo by mattcameasarat

This comment of the day was by Paul on the post “How to Be Openly Gay and in School—High School.”

Maybe You Would Put the Dishes Away More Often if You Knew How to Drum

drum solo

The impromptu silverware drum solo. All it needs is a round of applause.

Is This Teenager About to Cure Colon Cancer?

Kevin Stonewall Colon Cancer

Never doubt the power of a teenage guy who loves to do good for the world. Kevin Stonewall may just put an end to colon cancer.

The Blind Photographer


How does that work?

Watch as This Iceberg Collapses Perilously Close to the Boaters Filming It

iceberg collapse

And it all falls down…

Call me. Please.


This comment was submitted by Kristan in response to “Why Call When You Can Text?”

The Most Amazing Mini Golf Hole-in-One You Will Ever See

hole in one

Just imagine the number of things that have to go right in order for a hole-in-one to happen.