Changing the Culture: What Should You Do With a Passed-Out Woman? (Video)

A pillow? Novel idea!

This is very simple, yet seemed to be uncommon knowledge.

As is said in the video, “Real men treat women with respect.”

Let’s upgrade that even further to, “Real men treat people with respect.”

Also remember:

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[YouTube, “A Needed Response”]

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  1. If the person is really passed out I’d reccomend the recovery position to make sure that their airways are clear rather than the pillow.

  2. Real people treat real people with respect*
    Also if they are passed out, recovery position and check their vitals. 911 is a good idea too to make sure they aren’t in danger, but watch over them n make sure others don’t interfere with them. If they have thrown up, make sure the airways are clear and if they have gluggy breathing 911 straight away! as vomit could be in the lungs (and a mega mega infection risk + potential for drowning + pneumonia). Not to mention passed out could be them shutting down from overheating from various drugs.

  3. i like that this man made a video sending a positive message about what to do with a passed out *woman*. Obviously men and women need to learn to treat each other with respect. Obviously passed out wmen and how certain men choose to behave with them is an issue. Saying, “Real men treat women with respect”, does not imply that real men shouldn’t also treat each other with respect.

    But if you are really upset about this, then make it “real people treat people with respect”. Men and women should no longer identify with their genders. No longer will we any longer use the word “man” or “woman” in the English language. We will not talk about men and women seperate of each other without it meaning we are disrespecting or ignoring the other simply for identifying someone as a “man” or “woman. We will be a genderless society…except for the fact that men and women ARE different genders for a reason.

    As a woman, i like when men take special care to be respectful of women. I am sure men like when women take special care to be respectful of men. It’s like we want to kill everything that identifies men and women.

    I like the original line: “Real men respect women.”

    One could also say: “Real women respect men.”

    This is not offensive in the least, either way it’s said.

    • “except for the fact that men and women ARE different genders for a reason. ”

      Scientifically, the only reason for this is that it is more efficient to reproduce with 2 genders.

      “It’s like we want to kill everything that identifies men and women. ”

      I remember my grandmother telling me that people were yelling this when women decided they wanted to start wearing jeans. I’m sure you would agree that thats taking it too far, but you still seem to value having men and and women behave in different ways. Personally, I dislike the term “real man” because its usually used in a way to suggest that men who aren’t acting in a certain way are not actually men (i.e real men don’t wear this or listen to this type of music, etc). It feeds into the idea of strict, rigid masculinity and even though the person making this video is clearly aware of this and is trying to turn this around, I still feel like that sort of language shouldn’t be used.

      I know you and I have discussed this issue before on this site, but I see no value in having different expectations on how each gender should act or treat one another, but I can see a lot of down side in doing this. That doesn’t mean that men and women cant ever be addressed separately or that there aren’t unique male and female issues, but I think any attempt to define a “new masculinity” (or a new femininity) as many suggest is simply counter productive.

      • I see no value in having different expectations on how each gender should act or treat one another

        I agree with you on this Jack.
        I haven’t seen anyone being able to state a way men should treat women which women shouldn’t treat men and vice versa.

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