Why We Struggle to Have it All

Have it all

There’s a double-bind in seeing the glass as half-empty or as half-full. JD McGuigan explains.

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5 Real Ways To Manage Your Crippling Anxiety


It’s not easy to reprogram our brains, but understanding how and why panic attacks happen can help us manage them.

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Social Media is a Big Fat Lie

leopard for article copy low

“Don’t compare your insides to another person’s outsides” and 9 other 21st Century truisms by Juliette Adams.

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11 Breakup Survival Tips (That Don’t Involve Positive Thinking)

11 Breakup Survival Tips

” Yes. It’s highly possible that humankind is unfamiliar with the level of wretched misery you’ve fallen to now, but read on anyway, because the ugly truth is that the only way through a breakup is straight through the middle. “

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11 Secrets of Irresistible People

11 Secrets by Till Krech

Dr. Travis Bradberry taps into the qualities that make you magnetically attractive.

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Father and Son: a Painful Understanding

Father and Son by Stefanescu

Andy Schulkind explores the complexity of his relationship with his father.

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Passing Down Wisdom: Father to Son

Father to Son Wisdom

Fathers have incredible gifts of wisdom to confer upon their soon-to-be-launched sons. Here’s how I gave my son these gifts upon his graduation.

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Confronting My Steppenwolf


Jonathan Delavan shares his inner struggles and the resulting insights over confronting his darker nature face-to-face.

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Doug Gertner on grief, love, and his father.

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7 Signs You’ve Discovered Your Bro-Mate


Eric Shapiro on how to tell if a guy friend is legit: he grows with you, he gets along with your lady, and keeps the drama to a minimum.

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Instructions For Getting Over a Slump


Block that person you should’ve blocked a long time ago. It. Doesn’t. Matter. None of it. Let their texts slide from your shoulders and onto the floor like light blue rain.

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Massacres Never Solve Any Problems

sad man

Last week’s mass killing in Charleston leaves a white man asking questions and filled with sadness.

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10 Ways to Comfort a Grieving Heart


Kelly Buckley on dealing with the progress of life after her son’s death.

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The Best Way to Change Your Life, Beginning Immediately


Invest in yourself, and change your life now. You are worth it.

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It Takes a Lot of Junk to Create a Masterpiece, and Junk Takes Time


We all have dreams, but we can’t achieve them unless we start. Now. Today. Even if we’re tired and don’t think we can do our best work.

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12 Life and Love Lessons Dad Didn’t Teach Me


Philosopher Jerry L. Martin discovers that Dad’s best lessons were the ones he didn’t teach.

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