How to End Your Excessive Worry Habit

man worrying

Understanding worry can help you turn it into a tool instead of a habit.

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Should Men Be Chivalrous Anymore?

Chivalry - by Dale Thomas Vaughn

In a world where women have fought and earned more rightful equality (though there is more to accomplish on that front) – is chivalry necessary or even ethical anymore?

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Hey Guys: Are You Unhappy With Life?


A mid-life crisis is a thing, it really is, and it can be devastating to deal with.

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Doctors are Killing Themselves. What Needs to Be Done.

doctors killing themselves

When it’s suggested that a resident’s mistake was so heinous that he should “off ” himself, we have an institutional problem.

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The Text Message That is Helping Me Become a Better Man


Never underestimate the power of a friend.

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Thank You, Paul Newman, for the Day You Saved My Bacon


A dismal public relations campaign had its brightest moments after a brief encounter with an amazingly gracious superstar.

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A Powerful, Proven Way to Get What You Want


Achieving what you truly want doesn’t have to be a lonely marathon when you have the power of others at your disposal…

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Lessons from Unexpected Places: The Secret Strength of the Crab

crab on the beach

The question that drives this man forward — “What if I push harder? What if I shed this layer? What if …”

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Awesome Guy Advice on Women’s Crazy Dating Freakouts


Theresa Byrne explains what happens when a woman has a “love panic attack.”  ___ I’m about to let you in on a little secret women have been burdened with for eons.  We freak out. There, I said it. What men don’t know (or maybe you do?): Many* women have epic moments of dating freakout when we realize we really like a guy. […]

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10 Ways to Empower Yourself

10 Ways by Hakan Dahlstrom

You don’t need a book, life coach, mastermind group, or motivational retreat to get yourself going. The power to thrive is already inside you.

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The One Secret to Feeling Totally Alive

Feeling Alive

The way to feel totally alive *right now* is actually quite simple and it boils down to making just one choice…

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Loving Cats Says Something About Your Humanity

cat man

If your special man has an appreciation for cats then you may have just found “the one.”

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When Putting Yourself First May Be the Least Selfish Thing You Can Do

guy flipping out

What I learned from that time in my life when I went so crazy that the dog was cowering behind the toilet.

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A Serious Guide to Humor at Work

Serious Guide to Humor at Work

Humor is like Social Prozac.

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Your Dreams Have a Dark Side and This is What You Can Do About It


I am a recovering daydreamer. Maybe you are one too? I hope so, because it’s lonely over here.

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On a Crust and a Prayer, a Story of Pizza and Angels

slice of pizza

Sometimes angels manifest themselves in ordinary and familiar forms.

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