Why the More You Look, the Less You Attract the Person You Want


When you believe your life couldn’t be fuller, you will meet someone who fills the spaces you didn’t realize were missing.

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6 Ways to Change the World Even If You’re Not a Superhero

change world not superhero

Feeling inadequate or too overwhelmed to make real change? Those feelings are normal, and even you can be a hero, says Scott Sind.

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Men, We Are Our Brothers’ Keepers

brothers keeper

“It’s important to be open and willing to extend yourself as a brother because there are men who are waiting for your fellowship, are missing your fellowship, and desire to have a closer relationship with you. “

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Addition by Subtraction


When you subtract the desire, you can subtract possessions, and leave your mind, heart, and life free. Then the possibilities are endless.

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I Found Out My “Good Girl” Was Cutting – How We Healed


A mother’s story of denial, discovery and healing through love, and the lessons she learned about raising a “perfect” child.

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What Does Fatherhood Look Like? I’ve Never Seen It


Jon Magidsohn wonders if it’s possible to capture fatherhood with a camera.

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The Real Difference Between Mediocre and Mindblowing Sex


“Bad sex is a mechanical exercise involving body parts, forgotten as soon as it’s over. Great sex makes you experience the ordinary in an extraordinary way.”

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13 Things You Should be More Critical About When it Comes to Your Life


Paul Hudson thinks you need to start taking these things more seriously. Here’s why.

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The Silver Lining of Life Changes


After the end of a ten year relationship and a 3,000 mile move, I had to relearn how to enjoy moments alone and how to grow and continue moving forward in life.

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The ‘F’ Word and Staying Engaged With Life in Each Precious Moment


Lacking focus and aim throughout a man’s life can leave him wondering—and wandering—in different directions. Joe Rutland knows a thing or two about not being totally on the mark all the time.

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Why You Should Fall In Love With Someone You Barely Even Know

in love

How awesome would it be if you could be in love all the time?

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The Be a Better Man Challenge Week 8 – Have the Conversation

Michael Ellis Be a Better Man Week 8

The final installment of the Challenge encouraging men to reach out and support each other.

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Outside of the Fantasy — Authenticity is Hot, Bad to the Bone is Not

don draper

Women will forgive you for not being as “bad boy sexy” as fantasy characters. They will reject you for not being yourself.

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Unhelpful Things People Say When You Have Lost a Loved One


While it’s true that no words are adequate for someone who has lost the love of his life, here are some phrases you want to avoid.

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She’s The One: 8 Ways You Know You Don’t Have to Look Anymore


Dan Scotti on knowing you’ve found the right girl.

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Healing: Putting The Word Into Action


Healing is a verb, yet if we really examine how medicine and society treats the process of healing, it is regarded more as a noun.

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