Live Your Dream Life — Start Now!

living the dream

It’s so easy and the rewards are immeasurable.

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The Good Wife’s Cardinal Achievement


Machiavelli’s cardinal achievement — uncovering an insoluble dilemma. A permanent question mark in the path of posterity.

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How I Let Myself Quit Smoking


What does it take to quit something that you know is bad for you, but has become part of you?

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Failure—What’s in a Word?

8294498558_57ac1a63fd_z (1)

Raoul Wieland takes a long, hard look at failure’s negative associations and how they hinder success.

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How to Respond When Your Partner Teases You


Emotional healing expert Amy Scher offers advice how to handle teasing from your significant other.

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Taking the Right Precautions for a Family Member With Dementia

elderly care

Modifications help create a home environment that’s safe and supportive.

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The 3 Ways to Hack Love


In a world where we strive for improvement, even love has been hacked.

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Guys, Our Anger is Killing Us—Literally


Anger is part of life but Tor Constantino shares research that finds it’s also an increasing contributor in our deaths.

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36 Questions That Can Make Two Strangers Fall in Love

questions fall in love

Looking for love? Hoping to fall back in love? Bob Marrow tracked down the questions that can create, and possibly restore, intimacy.

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How to Deal With Passive-Aggressive People

How to Deal by Dan OConnor

You can’t change their behavior, but you can change how they behave around you.

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Inspiration Unpacked: How to Know if You’re Head Over Heels

couple with red umbrella

A little advice on love. From a business coach.

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A Father of Five Whose Life Was Gone Too Soon


Dante Parker was 37 years old when his life ended. Brandon Greene reflects on how their their radically different lives could still have the same fate.

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Reduce Stress Now: Three Easy Steps


Want to relieve stress? Great — Start Today!

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Did the Buddha Ever Get Depressed?

Did the Buddha by Lex McKee

In a down moment, Ty Phillips wonders if enlightenment is the antidote to sadness or a way to recognize its value and integrate it into our lives.

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Emotional Echoes From The White Room

the white room

When a particular space in a home becomes center stage for learning life’s lessons, it can hold a unique place in one’s personal history.

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How to Handle Your Best Friend’s Girlfriend

Ged and his friends watch Lauchlan’s evolution from competitive d***head to caring gentleman while Ged checks his possible misogyny.

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