Why I’m Keeping My Kids Uncool

Why I'm Keeping 3 by tinkerbrad

The cool quotient among preteens has Tor Constantino longing to be a luddite.

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Men are Victims of Abuse, Too


Richard Taylor opens up about being a victim of domestic violence.

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Not Every Break Up Should Leave You Broken

Relationship Breaking

Not every relationship ends with happily ever after. But not every break up needs to break your heart either.

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The Three Most Important Steps to Raising a Happy Child


Life coach Dave Kanegis shares the ways to empower and communicate well with your child.

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What Ya Mean Ya Got No Story? Everyone’s Got a Story!


Secreted away, in the story you may not know you have, is your voice. When you find your voice, you find authority, security, value and hope. What’s your story?

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Tearing Down the Walls Around My Heart


Introspection is one of the most difficult things a person can do, but Christian Clifton knows it is something he must do if he is to ever truly live his life.

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How to Eliminate Creative Blocks


You’re sitting in front of a blank computer screen. You’re trying to write, yet the ideas aren’t coming along. What next?

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Life Is Too Short to Die With Regrets


Four years ago, Kimanzi Constable would have not been able to say he’d lived a life of no regrets. He’s made a point of changing that. By writing.

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Want to Change Your Life Forever? Changing This One Thing is all it Takes


The way we do anything is the way we do everything.

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I Turned 50 and Surprise! My Life Didn’t End


Joe Rutland just turned 50. And he is still as ready for life as he ever was – maybe even a little bit more.

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The Happy Male—a Work in Progress

The Happy Male by Timothy Krause

Show me a happy guy and I’ll show you a man who’s sleeping!

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Letting go of Desires


Leo Babauta believes letting go of the desire for material possessions can set you free.

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12 Week ‘Be a Better Man’ Challenge. Week 4 – Check In

Michael Ellis Check in

The Be a Better Man Challenge is a spring clean for your life. Over 12 weeks it’ll prepare you to be, do and have more of what you want. Here is week 4.

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How To Trust a Man – When You’ve Been Conditioned Not To

on the couch

She craved a conscious union, yet wore a cage of male-bashing and love-defying beliefs around her heart. Until finally, she learned what really “floats the boat” of love.

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Dump Your Toxic Friends

dump friends top dr nerdlove Humphrey King

We spend a lot of time examining and looking out for toxic relationships but give very little consideration to the possibility that we have toxic friends.

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A Love-Hate Relationship I Can’t Escape

love hate

When all forms of distraction fail, you do what you have to do.

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