How to be Less Busy in a Busy Busy World


Slow down, breathe, enjoy every moment. Learn to focus on what’s in front of you, and find peace in whatever you do.

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The Fattest Versus the Thinnest


Does fitness depend on your state? Josh Magill discusses.

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How Leadership Failure is Dating Failure for Men


First dates can be collaborative efforts, but the man should take charge in most cases. Here’s how.

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Bring Your ‘A’ Game Bro

a-game-shaun-fritz ahlefeldt-laurvig

Shaun Williams challenged men to bring their ‘A’ game to places besides work and competition.

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On Personal Blind Spots


Vaughan Granier has some advice for when you are confronted with the reality of a personal shortcoming.

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12 Things We Can All Start Doing To Get Rid Of The Hook-Up Culture


A Gen Y writer wants his generational tribe to slow down on having rampant casual sex.

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5 Steps To Find What You Love And Make It Your Career


What distinguishes world-class talent is not initial skill. It’s how much work you put in.

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5 Simple Steps to Declutter Your Closet


Taming a closet full of clutter can be a fearful thing, but it doesn’t have to be.

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A Lass’s Warning To Lads: A List of Lovers to Lose

ladies to lose

Have you met Xena The X-Boyfriend Basher or Pious Polly? Allow April Brucker to introduce you to them, and 8 other ladies to avoid.

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How to Fit a Suit for an Athletic Build

image granted 2

Grant Harris with Image Granted discusses how get that “just right” look for a suit on an athletic body.

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7 Reasons Why Men With Sisters Make Some Of The Best Boyfriends


Who knew that guys with sisters made the best mates? A young female writer did. Here’s what she realized.

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10 Reasons Men’s Health May Be Your Best Career Choice

Freedom #2

Now and in the future a career in men’s health offers the full package for job seekers.

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To the ‘Powerful’ Men Who Offer Businesswomen Unsolicited Advice


Andrea Lawful-Trainer tells the story of when a business associate told her to tone down her personality.

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House Hunting as a Person of Color With a Child on the Way


Brandon Greene is facing a balancing act: doing what’s best for his arriving son while not losing pieces of himself.

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Facebook: The End of Loneliness?


Why connecting on the social media site feels like a constant affirmation.

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29 Tips that Revolutionized Dating for Me: The Final Advice for Awkward Guys


A dating blogger fell in love, and ended his blog. But, he left some awesome parting advice for his readers.

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