What To Do When Your Children Are Being Emotionally Abused By Your Ex

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Here’s how narcissists abuse children during and after divorce, and here’s what you can do if your children are going through this.

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Silence Your Critics and Give Grace a Chance

forgiveness and grace

Give yourself a break when the inner voices become too much to handle. Joe Rutland talks about the power of redemption, forgiveness and grace.

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I Watched My Daughter’s Birth on FaceTime

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Jamie Kaler was the guy on the plane who didn’t want to shut off his phone… but that’s because he was watching his wife give birth via FaceTime.

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She’s 50. He’s Pushing 70. Can it Work?

shes 50 hes 70

“I feel like I have the best of both worlds –until people give us weird looks when my ‘dad’ grabs my ass.”

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Worrying Won’t Help Love

man worrying

It isn’t possible to worry about people and love them at the same time because worry is fear-based and love is not.

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Jesus Doesn’t Text and the Buddha Hasn’t Tweeted Yet


Jeremy McKeen remembers the mustard seed of faith that almost was.  — “Between the Pope and air conditioning,” says Harry Block of Woody Allen’s 1997 Deconstructing Harry, “I’d choose air conditioning.” The Pope, however, does have a castle. And cool outfits. But the sentiment of that quote, that in our modern age an individual would choose science, […]

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I Like To Run With Mosquitoes


Sean Swaby on how pesky bugs can prove to be a pretty good motivator.

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For Your Kid’s Sake, Use Technology to Fight Technology

boy in trouble with father

How to use internet filters to protect your children from porn, cyber bullying and online predators.

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How Practicing One Small Habit Can Change Your Life


Instead of wondering why your life is so hard, change it by doing this one simple thing.

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Time Management Tips – Get More Out Of Your Day

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Erik Kruger lists 5 things to help you accomplish more in a smaller amount of time.

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Eighteen Surefire Ways to Raise Bigoted Kids


Never underestimate the power of what children pickup from the people around them.

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Remembering Stephen: Love, Loss, and AIDS

on losing stephen copy

He underwent a smorgasbord of tests as the family anxiously awaited the answer. But we knew. The innocents in the old snapshot all knew instinctively, even before the test results came in. Stephen had AIDS.

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Why Do Some Smart People Keep Making the Same Dumb Mistakes?

Why Do Some Smart by B Rosen

Counselor Carl offers a five-minute video course in emotional intelligence.

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Happy Birthday: Everyone Old is New Again

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Some people think I’m younger than I really am. Maybe because I have a full head of hair. But at my age, I didn’t expect to still have any hair. So I celebrate it by blow drying it every morning.

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How to Solve Problems Like Henry Ford and Other Genius Inventors


Tyler Tervooren explains how first principles thinking can help you be smarter, more creative, and more effective.

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No More Magic Feathers: The Secret to Finding Real Self-Improvement

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Harris O’Malley on looking within and disregarding the things we cannot change in order to become a better us.

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