Rethinking Necessities


What’s really needed, beyond food, shelter, basic clothing, and loved ones?

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When it Comes to Love, You Should be Looking for Your Match, not a Partner


Find someone who’s playing the same game you are. Find someone whose weird issues are compatible with your weird issues; someone whose goals and expectations, skills and desires and everything in between, match your own.

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Traveling Man: The Best Ways to Pack Mens’ Suits

How to Pack a Jacket

Grant Harris with Image Granted shows how to get your suit to your destination in the best condition possible.

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Why The Hardest (And Most Important) Lessons Are Learned In Heartbreak

Man holds his head down in sadness

How heartbreak can actually be a great thing for you.

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The 10 Books (Yes, That’s Right, Books) Every Man Should Pick Up This Summer


Books, and reading in general, are good habits to practice as you get older. And, no, since speed-reading through your Twitter timeline doesn’t count, here are a few recommendations to help jump-start your summer reading list.

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The Good Husband’s Guide

good husband guide

Sue Nador updates 1950s wisdom from the “Good Wife’s Guide” for today’s husband or wife.

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The Only Word You Need to Know

kylr respect Ruths138

Kyle Luetters dives into his personal experience to come up with one word that is the key to everything, good or bad, in your relationships with the opposite sex.

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The Edge on Parenting: The Daughter Teaches the Father

queen of the world

According to my family’s mythology surrounding parenting, sons teach mothers and daughters teach fathers. So it follows that a father who has a lot to learn will be blessed with more daughters.

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10 Reasons Why You’ll Fall For The Funny Guy Every Time


A woman explains why men with a sense of humor always have the key to a lady’s heart.

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You’re Here for a Reason


Realize that everyone will see you in a different light but the most important thing to take out of your relationships with others is how you allow that to drive your relationship with yourself.

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Love Will Make It Better

love-brennan jm scott

Can more love make the world a better place?

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Stop Thinking About Love As A Noun And Start Treating It Like A Verb


Because of love’s nature, it’s living. Because it’s a living thing, it must be tended to, maintained, paid attention to, cared for.

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12 Ways to Decompress after High Stress


A great list of ways to wind down after one of THOSE days.

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Learning from Negativity


It’s hard to avoid negativity, but life can be so much better when we do.

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One Thing You Need to Know Before Taking Your Dreams Public


Afraid to share what you really want to do with your life? Steve O’Neill has a way to get past that.

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Finding a ‘Gym’ for Our Characters


Let’s be unique people who have chosen to be increasingly resilient, empathic, kind and good. More faithful and wise, today, than yesterday. And better tomorrow than today.

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