When to Trust Your Instincts and When to Question Them

When to Trust by mrehan

Ray Jennings explores the science behind intuition and how listening to ‘that voice’ we all know has served—and not served—him.

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Nine Weird Things I Love (Men Will Get It, Ladies, Please Understand)

boots to love

From work boots and convertibles to tiny baby fingers and perfect cocktails, these are the things that Carl Bosch loves. And he knows his guy friends will understand.

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Why Social Responsibility is a Good Thing


A commitment to social responsibility can help you in surprising ways.

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We Just Met, So My Boobs Are None of Your Business

meeting at a bar

In case you were wondering, a first, or even second, date is NOT the time to bring up body parts.

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Fail Like Thomas Edison


How to do you handle failure? The answer could be the secret to your success.

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Seems Like Everything Used To Be Something Else


A second’s inattention left this experienced DIYer without a middle finger, and with a lot of questions.

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Nine Lame, Hardly-Helpful Life Hacks

9 life hacks

Inspired by my own laziness and stupidity

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Why it Isn’t Enough to Just Be Who You Are

Man and rose bushes

As you go through life, don’t be afraid to mold yourself into something new, even if it’s nothing like what you or others expected.

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The One Word that Changed My Life

handing off the basketball

That one moment when you realize how important your choices are – and who is watching you make them.

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5 Ways to Hone Your Humility in Any Social Situation


Johnny Pharr offers five tips to help you keep your humility as you retain your irresistible charm.

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Goodbye, PrePlay: When Failing Doesn’t Feel Like Failing


Did we fail? Maybe. But we created something awesome, and no one can ever take that away from us. It was one hell of a ride.

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Reparenting Your Inner Child

Reparenting by Keoni Cabral

Counselor Carl lights the path to healing childhood wounds.

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I’m Talking About Sex With My Kids—Are You?

I'm Talking by Dan Foy

In the Internet age, your kids may think they know everything about sex. But you still have to have ‘the talk.’ In fact, says Jenny Kanevsky, it’s more important than ever.

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The Illusion of a Perfect Life—and Why So Many People Think They Need One

The Illusion by Mike Berry

Mike Berry wants you stop comparing your life to everyone else’s and start embracing happiness.

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Men and Therapy: Perfectly Hidden Depression

perfectly hidden depression

Therapy is about doing something about the problems in your life. It’s not sitting around and talking about them. It’s about solutions.

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A Different Kathmandu: A Personal Recollection


After the recent earthquakes that have devastated the region, Richard Browner remembers a very different Nepal.

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