Think You Might Be in a Dead-End Job? 11 Signs to Tell for Sure

1dead end job

6. You don’t want your boss’s job.

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It’s Important to Remember That Even Your Worst Days Only Have 24 Hours


Once you wake up, rested and refreshed, it’s time to move your focus off your problem and onto the solution.

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I Learned About Persuasion From my Dad


Straight talk from a very persuasive dad has a long reaching effect.

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15 Tips For Regaining Intimacy After Surgery

sex after surgery

Pete Beisner and his wife have found that sex is a great way to alleviate pain and help people heal after injuries or surgery.

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Thank You Elizabeth Smart

rape-Roberto Andrean

Gena Raymond tells her story of rape and how she found the courage to go on from Elizabeth Smart’s story.

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5 Things to Remember When Talking to Loved Ones with Dementia

senior tai chi

Keeping these five things in mind will not only make their life so much brighter, it will ease this difficult time for you as well.

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Eat, Sleep, Rape, Repeat


He’d filed the abuse away as “something that just happens,” until he had to speak out to keep it from happening to others.

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Initiating Myself Into Manhood

initating myself into manhood photo by mo riza

Growing up without mature masculine role models handed Bryan Reeves the difficult lifetime task of initiating himself into a mature manhood.

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Maybe We’re Not Meant to Be Happy

Maybe We're Not Meant by Morgan

Thomas Fiffer wonders whether happiness is hard to achieve because we’ve evolved to oppose it.

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Choosing The Right Path When Becoming a Dad


The balance between time and money is not easy to maintain, but this stay at home dad found a way.

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Dear Depression Sufferers: This Tweak in Thinking Could Set You Free


Have you accepted that depression will always be a part of you?

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The Heartbreaking Cruelty of Comparing Yourself to Others


Comparing yourself to others rarely makes you feel good. So why do we do it?

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8 Words Dads Can Say Daily to Help Your Kids Succeed


Tor Constantino shares a simple 8-word affirmation that could make all the difference for you, your kids, and your family.

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Releasing Shame and Exploding Male Stoicism


How to allow yourself room to forgive.

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Call for Submissions: Long-Form Articles


Have a story that you can’t fit in just a few paragraphs? Good, we are looking to share your long-form writings.

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The Two And A Half Tips For Happier Life…(And You Can Start Today)


Ready for a happy life? David Kanegis has the tips to make that happen.

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