Donald Trump: ‘Make America White and Protestant Again’

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The dangers of demagogues and how Trump represents nationalism in its worst form.

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Donald Trump for Commander of Pluto

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Whatever planet Trump is on, we can safely say it’s probably not Earth.

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The Truth About Trump, Clinton And Today’s Youth

young people political climate

It’s easy for young people, indeed for all of us, to be discouraged. But there really has been progress.

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Dear Donald

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John Faithful Hamer pens a letter about true democracy to the GOP nominee.
A letter about true democracy to the GOP nominee.

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A Dad’s Awe and Wonderment as a History is Made and a Glass Ceiling Shatters


Anthony Romeo is a new dad who is proud that his baby boy will be growing up in a world where the idea of a woman running for President will no longer be a historic event.

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Bill O’Reilly Would Like to Welcome You to the Banana Republic of ‘America First’

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“Stark justice” demands a judge recuse himself, all because Donald Trump said his cultural heritage is a conflict? How about some “stark journalism,” for a change?

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I Marched For Hillary In Niagara Falls (Sort Of)


In response to one too many tweets questioning the enthusiasm of Hillary Clinton supporters, Friday morning I tweeted I was going to march for Hillary in Niagara Falls, Canada.

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Dear Bernie. Love, Those Who Need You

Bernie Sanders, left, speaks with Hillary Clinton during a break at a Democratic presidential primary debate Saturday, Dec. 19, 2015, at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N.H. (AP Photo/Jim Cole)

Bernie can take his seat at that table. It is a good seat. But he has to do it now. Let’s #HarnessTheBern

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I’m A Pro-Business, Lifelong Republican Who Won’t Vote For Trump

Trump by Michael Vadon

Where are the leaders in the Republican party? What are they thinking? What are their plans? Are they willing to take a stand for what they believe in—which I think is the true measure of leadership? Or are they going to passively allow an autocratic bully to highjack their party?

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Optimism or Armageddon? Politics and Social Change, a Call for Submissions

politics and the art of social change

Is there a conversation more important than the one about how the current political situation could impact all of our lives? An urgent Call for Submissions (and special class) from The Good Men Project.

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Trump University vs. Typical University

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Was Trump University a scam?

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Journalist Outrage: Reader Comment Response

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In an article last week, I questioned the lack of journalistic outrage at Trump’s threats toward freedom of the press. It struck a nerve, so here I respond to reader comments.

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Pat Buchanan’s ‘Great White Hype’

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Why Pat Buchanan’s ideas on the demise of the white man are so out of place.

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How Gary Johnson Can Win My Liberal Vote


Matthew Rozsa is a Bernie Sanders supporter who is willing to consider Gary Johnson.

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It’s Okay: Trump’s a Man, so He’ll Handle Everything Accordingly

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How is it possible in 2016 that someone who promotes violence, mocks the disabled, and habitually espouses racist, misogynistic, and xenophobic beliefs can be a contender?

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Politicant’s Do That


Ariel Gordon discusses American politics today… and whether we are a great country.

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