How To Run The Planet


Should A Small Handful Of Countries Run the World? Why Or Why Not?

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Did The Republicans Learn Anything From The Iraq War?


Despite being an unmitigated disaster for the country, the Middle East, and the Republican Party, many in the GOP still don’t think George W. Bush was wrong to decide to invade Iraq back in 2003.

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Lindsey Graham Is Why The GOP Can’t Have Nice Things

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., questions a witness during a hearing on the use of drones on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, April 23, 2013. Senate Democrats and Republicans challenged the Obama administration to explicitly spell out its justification for using drones for targeted killings amid growing concerns about unchecked powers of the presidency and Americans' civil liberties.  (AP Photo/Cliff Owen) ORG XMIT: DCCO108

The South Carolina Senator’s recent denunciation of the word “the” shows why policy formation can be so hard in today’s Republican Party.

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America & Race–The Ultimate Rorschach Test


What do you think of race relations in America? Please share your thoughts–especially for global readers.

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Do Americans Want To Redistribute Wealth?


Recent Gallup polling shows that taking from the rich to give to the poor is becoming more and more popular.

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After Baltimore This Week, What Happens Now?


The recent unrest in Baltimore is certainly an important event, but it probably won’t lead to large-scale changes anytime soon. ___ Lots of people have been talking about the civil disturbances that rocked the city of Baltimore this week, and not without good reason. They clearly are connected to the recent controversies surrounding instances of […]

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Hitler And Hyperbole


Believe what you want to believe and make your arguments. But let the merits of your ideas carry you to victory rather than the toxicity of your exaggerated venom.

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John Kerry Was A Fine Presidential Candidate


Forget the media hype, just because you lose a presidential election doesn’t make you a bad candidate.

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So Long Capital Punishment


Very quietly, the death penalty in the United States is disappearing.

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Who’s Watching The Watchers?


Will the UN meet the new challenges of the twenty-first century or will it be the next failed League of Nations?

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Rand Paul Is Already Alienating the GOP Base

Brennan CIA

The Kentucky Republican is getting into big trouble with his own party by consistently stretching the truth.

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If Job Interviews Worked Like Presidential Campaigns

If Regular 2 by J Clement Wall

What if applying for a job was as rigorous as trying to get elected?

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Republicans Don’t Mind Class Warfare


Despite their pleas not to engage in “class warfare”, Republicans have no qualms attacking Hillary Clinton for her wealth.

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Leadership In The 21st Century


The stakes are high. We need wise leadership. Will we receive weakness, tyranny, or inspiration?

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The Unsinkable Hillary Clinton


Forget all the hype, Hillary has won the Democratic nomination already.

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Rahm Emanuel’s Big Win


Rahm Emanuel’s reelection as Mayor of Chicago shows the limits of much of modern progressive politics.

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