Masculinity And Extremism Around The World


Whether the problem is societal collapse in failed states or rudderless post-modern affluence, traditional structures that develop men are unraveling.

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Do Celebrities In Politics Help At All?


Celebrities are often some of the most visible people in our politics, but they aren’t always particularly constructive.

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Dear Rudy Giuliani Re: Characterization of Obama


Warren Blumenfeld calls out Rudy Giuliani on his recent statements about President Obama.

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When To Unleash The Warrior Throughout The World?


When is war justified on the part of nations in this world? What are the “red lines” that the world needs to enforce? How to be Warriors for good rather than Warriors for ill?

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The Return Of George W. Bush’s Foreign Policy


The American people may think that George W. Bush’s presidency was a disaster, but the Republican Party is still committed to his foreign policy vision.

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Is Chris Christie Done For?


It looks like Chris Christie’s presidential ambitions are doomed.

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Jon Stewart Is A Strange Hero For Liberals


Jon Stewart is a brilliant comedian and a great TV personality, but he was never much of a liberal, and certainly no liberal hero.

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Islam (But Were Afraid To Ask)


This series in meant to increase openness, understanding, and personal reflection. The goal is not to change anyone’s mind; rather, the goal is to promote individual decision making based on thoughtful reflection.

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What Happens When Obama Talks About Race


If Barack Obama sounds cautious when he talks about issues of racial justice, it’s because he really doesn’t have much of a choice.

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Why Do Republicans Suddenly Sound like Democrats?


The improving economy has put the Republican Party in a tough position for 2016, hence why people like Jeb Bush sound like Democrats these days.

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An Affront To Humanity


We must express our outrage. We must stand up for civilization.

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What’s The Deal With Republicans And Vaccines?


There is no evidence that childhood vaccinations cause autism or other mental health problems in children. So why are Republicans saying otherwise?

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Oh No! Politics on Your News Feed Again?


Candidates have started seeking media attention, which means it’s time for you to start hating social media again.

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Does Polling For 2016 Even Matter Right Now?


Forget the hype, polls about the 2016 presidential race are basically useless right now.

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International Politics — The Architect’s Opportunity


Rather than social architectural systems based on paternalistic world views or endless bureaucracy or loudest-voice-in-the-room sensibilities, let’s create something new.

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Let’s Change Politics: The Politician Random Accountability Test


Time for a change in American Politics? Mark Goulston gives us an idea.

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