Who’s Watching The Watchers?


Will the UN meet the new challenges of the twenty-first century or will it be the next failed League of Nations?

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Rand Paul Is Already Alienating the GOP Base

Brennan CIA

The Kentucky Republican is getting into big trouble with his own party by consistently stretching the truth.

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If Job Interviews Worked Like Presidential Campaigns

If Regular 2 by J Clement Wall

What if applying for a job was as rigorous as trying to get elected?

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Republicans Don’t Mind Class Warfare


Despite their pleas not to engage in “class warfare”, Republicans have no qualms attacking Hillary Clinton for her wealth.

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Leadership In The 21st Century


The stakes are high. We need wise leadership. Will we receive weakness, tyranny, or inspiration?

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The Unsinkable Hillary Clinton


Forget all the hype, Hillary has won the Democratic nomination already.

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Rahm Emanuel’s Big Win


Rahm Emanuel’s reelection as Mayor of Chicago shows the limits of much of modern progressive politics.

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International Politics–Weekly Round Up


Several important political developments are happening around the world.

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Yes Hillary Clinton Is Good At Politics


While no politician is perfect, Hillary Clinton is good enough at politics to be president.

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How Mike Pence Helped The 2016 Republican Field


Indiana Governor Mike Pence did his party’s presidential candidates a big favor by backing his state’s controversial “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”

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Malignant Neglect—Foreign Policy In The Middle East

let it burn_cropped

Perpetuating the status quo in the Middle East serves no one’s interests, except the groups that thrive on instability. The cost of not directly dealing with this situation is surpassing the cost of directly doing so.

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Tucker Carlson Explained


The latest blow up involving conservative pundit Tucker Carlson shows why the conservative media can often times seems so dysfunctional.

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Religious Freedom Restoration Acts Restore Bigotry & Repression


One step backward for Indiana, one giant leap in reverse for the nation.

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Bravery and the Political Class: Why Expectations Are Low for Our Current Crop of UK Politicians


Is there a lack of bravery in UK politicians? Peter Kirby-Harris discusses. _____ It is widely understood that David Cameron is an excellent debater. Both his experience at the Oxford Union during his undergraduate days and being Prime Minister for the past five years should give him the edge over his rivals in upcoming leadership […]

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Is There a Crisis in American Marriage?

married copy

It’s true that fewer people are getting married these days, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Fundamentalism, Chaos, or Integration—Take Your Pick


Will we raise boys with the capacity to achieve harmony and integration—at the center of the river—or will we raise our boys to either reject new ideas (rigidity) or destroy anything that upsets them (chaos)?

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