“Can Proper Drug for ADHD/ADD = Raising Quality of Life?”


This comment by Archy on the post America, Please Stop Drugging Your Children

Social Anxiety Disorder = Stops me getting a job, a girlfriend, severely limits my ability to socialize….sure that’d make me a great humanitarian.

Attention Deficit Disorder/ADHD = Start a million projects and finish none.

The first month that I had my dexamphetamine for ADD I did more than I had done in years, actually finished projects and my quality of life rose significantly. You can tell what I take it as my handwriting improves immediately and I can actually concentrate n stay on task. Never had I had any fog on this medicine, the side effects are easy to manage – A bit of adrenaline, less hunger (which helps since I am overweight), and a higher sex drive.

My social anxiety however still cripples me but I can tell you that in my experience, dexamphetamine is far far far safer, less side effects than ANY of the anti-depressants I’ve had. I get bad withdrawal from many anti-depressants but never ever had I had any withdrawal from my dexamphetamine. I have stopped the dex plenty of times in the past for weeks with zero issues except my untreated ADD comes back. The same dose has been stable and effective since I started. The dosage for ADD is quite low, mine is 15mg twice a day and to be honest I get more problems from caffeine (such as jitters, frequent urination, heart palpitations).


Question of the Day:

Can proper drugs following a proper diagnosis improve the lives of ADHD/ADD sufferers? and if so, should we use drugs as last resort after all other “natural” options are exhausted?


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  1. ADD and ADHD are made up disorders created by Big Pharma to drug our children – I have been in Big Pharma, saw their game and threw up (my contract in pieces) – this must be stopped – there are natural remedies that will do the same as the drugs but without the cancer and other effects…

  2. I was prescribed a tiny dose of dextroamphetamine and had a reaction as though I’d taken 100 mg. I basically experience a “speed rush.” Dr. concluded he had misdiagnosed me. Stimulants work great for people with ADD, not so great for those who don’t have it.

    • Yeah it’s tricky I guess when someone doesn’t have the right medicine. For me it basically just feels like I wakeup, I focus more, I am more motivated, less jittery and far more productive.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. Many people do not understand that this is often the case with someone who had ADD or ADHD.

  3. Tsach Gilboa says:

    No doubt all avenues for help and improvement need to be explored. Alternative, natural, chemical and all in between. Right diagnosis is key and then the best treatment and plan. Drugs are not the problem if used properly.

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