“Caregiver day is a wonderful idea, becase when you love your children, every day is a day you get to be with and celebrate them.”


This is a comment by CJ on the post “What to the Child of Domestic Violence is Father’s Day?

CJ said:

Thank you. I was thinking alone those lines on Sunday. When the bar stool fathers were complaining in force about single mothers celebrating “Their” day. These days are for the kids. To all the men and women who step up and help others myself included, I thank you. But to those who judge me for not loving my abuser, I am sorry I can’t. I even have had people jealous that I did not cry when he died. Sorry he caused enough tears. I was cried out by then. I chose to celebrate the life I have built in spite of him.

Caregiver day is a wonderful idea. And yes I would give up mothers day for it. Cause when you love your children, every day is a day you get to be with and celebrate them. Even in spirit if you are separated by employment, deployment etc. And it is up to you the parent to build the relationship with them. Not up to them to chase that relationship with you. And yes forgiveness can be done — allowing the person to repeat it is entirely another tale.

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