Letting Go and Running Naked

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NYC Dads Group is a diverse community created to give dads an opportunity to socialize and support each other as we navigate parenthood. We meet at various venues around the city including museums, parks, zoos, indoor play-areas, and parent-and-me classes. We also organize evening events for dads to socialize, learn from each other, and meet with journalists, authors, and other experts related to fatherhood and parenting.


  1. Why not embody all the freedom nudity offers for life and join a nudist resort. You have already learned what the textile world jas forgotten. That is that nudity is natural, decent and feels great. Obviously from your blog you do not consider yourselves to be Nudists but maybe you, your wofe and daughter do not have to lose that innocence. Try listening to the Naturist Living Show. You’ve already taken the first steps as a family.



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