Evaluating Our Children

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About Carl Bosch

Carl Bosch has appeared in publications as varied as the New York Times and Cricket magazine. His books for children have sold over 60,000 copies. An educator for 38 years (soon coming to an end) he's now working on storytelling through MouseMuse Productions and performing marriage ceremonies as a Justice of the Peace.


  1. The Bad Man says:

    I don’t know what it’s like everywhere, but my kids get pretty generic stuff with only a few hints of areas for improvement. There isn’t really a grading system anymore because it’s unfair to compare them to other children in the class.

  2. I really enjoyed this piece and it demonstrates how ridiculous our measurement for success in academia can really be. After all, what do these evaluations really have to do with the person this child is currently and who they will become? No one can know, but it would greatly benefit our education system if we created a way of evaluating students that looked more at the whole person. Fewer boxes and check marks, less dehumanization of students. We can’t measure inspiration. We can’t measure imagination and these are the qualities that propel the individual and our culture forward.

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