I Write for the Man Who Can’t

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About Sarah Caouette

Sarah E. Caouette is a writer of fiction/non-fiction, personal essay, and poetry. Her work can be found in The Citron Review, Cigale Literary, and the upcoming Vagabond City Journal. She currently resides in Portland, ME where she blogs about relationships, creativity, and social issues: www.sarahecaouette.com


  1. This post was enjoyable to read. I also thought you made good use of imagery. Truth be told I did not note how ‘congratulations’ was spelt until it was brought to attention later! I’ve spent quite a bit of time studying psychopathology at university – it is very good to have all the diagnostic criteria, theory, and statistical information from far removed textbooks and lectures balanced with stories about actual people.

  2. I’m that man’s cousin. In fact, he lived with me through a summer and well into a school year before my father passed away.

    Now, about that tinkering….

    He jacked up my moped and tweaked every bicycle in the damn garage.

    Tell him he still owes me.

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