Everything the NFL Doesn’t Want You to See

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Aaron Gordon is a sports writer for the Good Men Project and is on a quest to visit every professional sports stadium in America. He will be the one wearing a "Welcome to Taxpayer Field" shirt. You can follow him on Twitter and and email him at [email protected]


  1. Well, with wide screen, it is better than it used to be at 4:3.

  2. The closest thing there is, is NFL Game Rewind. But of course you must pay $40 for 2 camera angles.

  3. It is amazing how much you miss when you watch the game on TV. I’ve been to two NFL games live. At the first, I kept my eyes focused on the QB or RB much like television coverage does. I enjoyed the game and had a good time. At the second game, I decided to keep my eyes directed downfield, and it was awesome. It’s amazing to see a receiver break through coverage or see a safety start drifting towards a spot before the ball is thrown. It’s awesome to watch a LB start to sprint backwards when he realizes that he just got fooled by a playfake. It was much more entertaining, and you got to see so much more of the game.

    I also got to see various members of my beloved Dolphins walk over and taunt the Black Hole prior to the game starting. That was a lot of fun to watch.

    • Definitely agree that watching a game live is much better than on TV. While I love getting to spend Sundays curled up with my dad watching football, I think to really SEE football, for me at least, you have to be there. I’d rather watch a pick up game any day than a televised one. You miss out on so much of the beauty of the game when you’re watching it from so far away. The facial expressions, the words exchanged, the dynamic in the air, the contours of the body as they run, catch, throw. I think try as the cameras might to catch all the little things, they’re still missing out.


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