From Colonel and Pentagon Aide to Homeless

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  1. Tom Brechlin says:

    After doing a little research, it appears that the numbers of homeless veterans is much higher. National coalition of the homeless says it’s more like 130,000 to 200,000. It also appears that much of what is being done is through outside organizations.

    That’s why the recent budget deal that cuts military retiree benefits by $6 billion dollars is a problem, don’t ya think?

    How many of these veterans are retirees?

    But then again. homelessness in general has hit men the most and we don’t see much happening.

  2. Tsach Gilboa says:

    This situation is a disgrace. If we as a nation choose to ask these men and women to serve and put their lives & well being in harms way, we have an obligation to take care of them and make sure they fare well after their service. Although it is heartwarming that we have outside organizations that provide some assistance with the public’s voluntary support, it is the responsibility of our government, the one that makes the decisions to engage in wars and various activities involving our armed forces for economic, political national security and ideological reasons to serve our veterans.

  3. I think you chose the wrong person to get your point across. This man resigned/retired after the remarks he made. It’s not that he was a victim of losing his job for something beyond his control. Something is wrong when someone goes from working in the Pentagon to not being able to get a janitor job. Something is fishy here. Perhaps mental illness is his problem. Even so, as someone who is retired from the military, he has access to mental health care. I’m not feeling sorry for ANYONE who gets a pension of 40k a year and cannot make ends meet. This does not even begin to explain the homeless problem of vets. This person is not the face of a homeless vet. This person has an income but did not make good choices with his money. There are homeless vets out there with no income and no family to speak of.

    • PursuitAce says:

      I think you are right but for different reasons. His boss made the remarks not him. The article muddles that a little bit. And as a retired Colonel he makes more like 70K a year not 40K. On top of that he gets free medical. Agreed he’s not the best example to use in the case for veterans.

    • The person that resigned was not Col. Robert Freniere it was General Stanley McChrystal. Re-read the article.

  4. He has a defined benefit pension of $40,000 per year. Living outdoors with no rent while you pay off your kids’ student loans is maybe not such a troubling decision. Maybe he squirrels some of that $40,000 each year away into an emergency account for food when the shelters, pantries, and soup kitchens are closed.

  5. How is 40K not enough ?
    I’m in the top of my carreer as a 31yo and I earn 36K before taxes. Median is around 26K.

  6. The problem is relative. $40K sounds reasonable in terms of pension to me, although as a serviceman from the UK I’m unqualified to make statements on the US pension system. This gentleman has found himself in a situation that he was not prepared for and has been unable to cope. Before retirement his overheads were possibly only just covered by his full salary, and thus on a reduced pension, could not make ends meet.

    His situation is therefore little different to a homeless private in the same situation. His background is, frankly, neither here nor there.


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