John Cole’s Simple Commandments For Great Steak

Did you know what you’re doing wrong with steak?

Honestly, I think the conflation of manliness with red meat is terribly silly and overblown; I made pasta in a pesto cream sauce for dinner and somehow my penis managed to remain attached. That said, I do love a good steak as well, so when I see one of my favorite bloggers ranting about the simple mistakes people make that ruin good steak, I pay attention. The rules he outlines are simple enough that even I, no culinary genius, can remember them.

Dammit, now I want a steak.


Photo— SaucyGlo/Flickr

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  1. Thanks, Noah. Now I want a steak. And I’m stuck in the rainy, cold, UK, without a grill. I just might cry. 😉


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