Matt Damon Helps Bring Clean Water to the World

‘It’s the difference between hope … And an existence that just basically is about scavenging for water.

Matt Damon is on a mission to bring clean water to the nearly 1 billion people worldwide that do not have affordable access to what we in the western world take for granted. Damon says,

It’s very hard for us to understand. You wake up in the morning, if you’re thirsty there’s a faucet right there, there’s one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen, and clean water comes out of all of them.

Every 20 seconds a kid under the age of 5 is dying, losing their life because the don’t have access to clean water, and it just doesn’t have to be that way.

Damon became aware of the issue of clean water 6 years ago after a trip to Zambia, so in 2009 with world renowned water expert Gary White, Damon co-founded Using micro-financing loans Damon and White help people in developing countries have access to clean water.

So far, they have brought clean water into the homes and communities of a million people.

Watch the video:

Photo: AP/File

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  1. It greatly amazes me when , and I am grateful for, someone famous uses their voice and fame, and often their $$, to promote a positive campaign against wrongs in the world, changing many lives into positive, healthy ones, and Americans will listen and many countries pay attention. These actors, politicians, now retired, or the philanthropists around our world, know that they do not HAVE to do this. But look at the ones who DO!. Thanks to all of them. Support them. It is a great way to create help, change, health, save lives, promote truth about third world countries that many do not see or think of, as well as our own problems with water and its’ safety here in the U. S.

  2. Cute, Intelligent, Great Actor, Action Hero type – talks water in the third world – NO COMMENT? I would mention that he’s a great dad too and happily married but no one would believe then Good Man Fairy Tale. SO- Could we have Matt Damon Served Nude on a bagel, with cream cheese and some hot hot mustard?

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