Scientists Are Close to a New Vaccine, For Alcoholism

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  1. Cute, but a drug is a drug- people with a predisposition to getting high will get high with something else….
    DUIs, fights, accidents …. don’t stop drunks from drinking & a whole lot of people became tolerant of Antabuse.

  2. There are so many other drugs out there…….So I don’t see it having a huge an effect. Legalizing weed would offer a less dangerous form of dealing with the same underlying issues. Alcohol does have the highest Kill rate of all the recreational drugs to date. Probably more that all the other illegal ones combined.

  3. The biochemistry is, as stated, just one aspect of alcohol addiction. When alcohol is introduced into the alcoholic’s body, that person has an abnormal or allergic reaction. The symptom of that reaction is craving. Presumably this “vaccine” would inhibit or eliminate that craving. That could be very valuable in the alcoholic in early recovery. It would minimize the consequence of relapse. But minimizing the consequence can also be risky. Why bother continuing recovery efforts if you can just take a drug that prevents craving. Now we have a “normal” drinker. For an alcoholic, alcohol use is a symptom of a problem. In fact alcohol has been the solution to their problem. The problem is with living. Living with, facing, getting through, growing, learning to cope, with life. Sometimes stated as “living life on life’s terms.” We take the vaccine, no longer deal with craving, but still have no way of dealing with life. In AA we call this a dry drunk. That is what the 12 steps of AA are all about. Cleaning up the mess of life, and basically, growing up. Or learning how to “live life on life’s terms.” There are other disciplines for this, I’m just familiar with AA’s process.

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