Study of the Day: Republicans Have More Friends

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  1. Holy cow – what a biased piece of crap this article is.

  2. I think the headline should be Republicans have more acquaintances. A “tight knit social group” is more my definition of what could be considered a friend.

  3. “It makes sense. If the world is a scary place to you, then you probably won’t want things to change. You’ll cling to the people and ideas you trust, which could account for conservative positions on a slew of topics from immigration to war to social aid programs.”

    I don’t believe this claim is supported by the facts or the authors’ own conclusions.

    Conservatives want to cut social aid programs, not merely keep new ones from being created. Given that the last 30 years there have been large social aid programs in place, this makes the conservatives the group that wants to change the situation.

    “In short, liberals rely on built-up trust to build social support while conservatives keep people around by, well, dominating them to a degree. ”

    Again, I don’t see any findings in the study that supports this claim. Where does it say that conservatives keep people around by dominating them?

  4. that last part should be “to dominate them”

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