I’m a Recovering Video Game Addict

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About Kevin Macku

Kevin Macku is a fledgling yogi in the body of a 20-something who has held a number of scandalous love affairs with words. His bachelor's degree is in dramatic performance, and he has appeared in local stage and film productions in the past few years. Since graduation, he has found himself in the middle of a spiritual revolution, and has set about recording what he can for posterity. Like his writing? Follow him on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. Kate Bartolotta says:

    “Addiction is addiction, and all addiction is destructive.”

    This is huge. I think there are a lot of things that are socially acceptable or at least get justified as “not as bad” as drugs or alcohol, but you’re right: addiction is addiction. Thanks for sharing this so honestly.

  2. Great post. Addiction of any kind can be difficult to overcome. Happy to read of your success.

  3. words with friends are very popular.Most of the people play video game and spend much of time on it and slowly they become addicted to it. If one become addicted of video games and want to bring his relationship with video game down to earth then one should follow some steps e.g. Track your video game use, start the weaning, commit to being in the moment etc.


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