Comics: Cape, Mask … Swastika? The Unintended Fascism of Those Who Protect


The following is a first person editorial, in response a piece for The Atlantic by Chris Yogerst, where he said…

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Comics: Watson & Holmes Offers A Fresh Take On The Mystery Classic [EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW]


A modern, urban take on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic, the book posits an intern and former military medic drafted into a helping a possibly delusional self-trained detective and “stealth procurer” named after the iconic detective, all set in the mean streets of Harlem.

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Lucky Number Seven: An Interview With Superstar Comics Artist @JamalIgle


Lucky Number Seven is a a brief interview with someone interesting in the public eye, chopped into easily consumed tidbits of data for your brain space. This time we sit down with superstar artist Jamal Igle, who just dropped the pint sized powerhouse Molly Danger on Free Comic Book Day.

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Culture: Martial Arts Legend Jim Kelly Passes Away (@jimkellykarate)


Black culture suffered a major loss as June drew to a close, with news of Jim Kelly’s passing rippling across the web.

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Online: The Hashtag #PaulaDeen TVShows Takes Over Twitter But Who Gets The Last Laugh?


The following represents a slur-free sampling of #PaulaDeenTVShows …

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Culture: Geek Beauty Special Edition: Happy Birthday Left Eye

Komplicated aims to bring you a monthly dose of beauty with a geek twist. Today would have been the 42nd birthday of entertainer Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, who died eleven years ago. Anedge hirak Left Eye. [Source: Wikipedia, Flickr]

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Culture: A Tribute To Ray Harryhausen [@ebonstorm]


The following is a first person editorial by Thaddeus Howze The science fiction and fantasy communities everywhere mourn the passing of special effects legend Ray Harryhausen at the age of 92. He passed away in London on May 7. Twitter was abuzz with the tales of where they were when they saw the movie which […]

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Check Out Live Streamed Panel TODAY! Color Inside The Lines: Superheroes of a Different Hue


JUST THE FACTS, MA’AM … Today at 3:15 PM at California State University Los Angeles’ University-Student Union, three heavy hitters in the world of comics, movies and genre entertainment will be featured in a live streamed panel called “Color Inside The Lines: Superheroes of a Different Hue.” Admission is free to the public as is […]

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Color Inside The Lines: Superheroes of A Different Hue Live Streamed May 1st from CSULA


As part of California State University Los Angeles’ inaugural Eagle-Con, on May 1st at 3:15 PM, Top Cow Talent Hunt winner Hannibal Tabu will moderate a live-streamed panel (password “CCC2012”) called “Color Inside The Lines: Superheroes of a Different Hue” (Facebook event page) featuring three entertainment luminaries … Kevin Grevioux is an American actor, screenwriter, […]

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Five New Comics From Black Writers Develop Diversity Outside The Mainstream


Regardless of the deplorable hiring practices of the two biggest companies in comics, Black writers are producing some top notch material. Four new comics available today, and one free one from last week, showcase some of the breadth of talent available. FIVE WEAPONS #3 (Image Comics) The only thing more amazing about the sheer volume […]

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Review: Brutal Fantasy Fiction From @strangercomics Released … For Free!


The world of fantasy writing is widely perceived as being as homogenous as your average gallon of milk. Through a genre called “sword and soul,” writers like Charles Saunders and Milton Davis have developed a new paradigm for fantasy fiction with more diverse casts of characters and innovative new voices. One such effort is Dusu: […]

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Break Me Off A Piece Of That Funk! An excerpt from the Steamfunk Anthology


An excerpt from the short story, “The Sharp Knife of A Short Life” by Top Cow Talent Hunt winner Hannibal Tabu.

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Make My Funk The Steamfunk, I Want My Funk Uncut: Steamfunk As Social Commentary


Steamfunk is a subgenre of Steampunk, which is a child of Cyberpunk – a subgenre of science fiction in which the future is one in which society is largely controlled by computers, at the expense of freedom, peace and social order.

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Books: There Are No Lines: The What & Why of @MVMediaATL’s Steamfunk! Anthology [@hannibaltabu]


The essence of Black creativity in the shadow of the western world has been one of necessity and scarcity. “Make way out of no way” is the only consistent commandment from be-bop to hip hop, from STEM education to, finally, the science fiction that fueled many of those who sought it.

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Comics: @DCComics and @Marvel Will Not Hire Black Writers. You Know Why! [@hannibaltabu]


To paraphrase Kanye West, “the comics industry doesn’t care about Black people!”

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Michael Caesar > Uncle Ruckus: The Boondoggle About The Boondocks


Once upon a time, a snarky little comic strip rose from relative obscurity to become fodder for Sunday morning political pundits and shaking heads along Washington DC’s beltway.

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