Opposites Attract, To a Point

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About Jerry Brennan

Jerry Brennan hails from the eastern half of North America. He's of German-Irish stock, which means (according to one ex's mom) that he's probably drunk and depressed. He's also the author of Resistance, and you can follow him on Twitter @jerry_brennan


  1. I was recently part of an online exercise in telling the stories of how we met our spouses, significant others, or various “loves” in our lives. Many believe the beginning sets the stage for everything to come. I’m not entirely convinced of that, but I do believe there are fundamental aspects of ourselves we bring to a first meeting – and we cannot judge exactly what they mean until we know the other person for some time.

    It seems you received an impressive clue as to the character of your future wife from her act of not wasting food and giving it to a homeless man.

    Opposites may attract, as you say, but the core of common values and character are both essentials.

    Lovely column, and congratulations on your new baby!

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