Men and Spirituality

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What do you believe in?

Contributer Roger Durham once asked “Could it be that spirituality is harder for men to talk about than sex?” Well, maybe a little. But judging from the outpouring of responses for this section, it’s also a topic that that just needed a bit of prompting to get the floodgates going. Here’s a few to start the section, there will be more added to this list over the next few days.


Sometimes I Need God to Be Male by Hugo Schwyzer

A Gay Man and the Church: Trying to Reconcile My Sexuality by Paul Leroux

Questioning My Faith by Tom Matlack

How an Atheist Learned to Think About Spirituality by Lisa Hickey

Can a Manly Man Be Spiritual? by Roland Maimonides

For a Loving Dad, Spirituality Is Optional by Marcus Williams

A Moment in Time by Penelope Thompson

Use Everything by Rick Belden

Here I Am by Chris Wiewiora

Re-Imagining Heaven by Jack Varnell

Does Your Soul Have a Goal by Paul Leroux

Faith of a Wimp by Tom Matlack



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  1. I think Men are still in the closet in regards to Spirituality and are perhaps awakening to this new way of being now.

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