Status Update: Honey, Will You Marry Me?

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About Andrew Tolve

Andrew Tolve is a writer who lives with his fiancée in Atlanta, Georgia. To read more of his work, please visit his website.


  1. Did you see the piece on Read Write Web today? A marriage proposal on Foursquare.

    My personal preference aside, as long as the man is confident about how his beloved feels about the integration of social media and technology in their relationship, it’s great to use the new-fangled tools and get creative.

  2. Even if things go wrong, a face-to-face proposal can still be memorable. When I proposed to my wife, I had to change where I was kneeling thanks to a swarm of ants. We still joke that I proposed by “squashing bugs.” I’m a big fan of Twitter and use it all the time, but some things just require Face-To-Face interaction and I’d say a proposal is one of those things.

  3. More people who are looking for mates and dates, use online meetings and dating services than any other method of introduction. There are so many people who woo each other through long distance online romances ,it only seems natural that online proposals become just another step in the evolution of relationships. Hey if Dr. Mc Dreamy and Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy can have a low tech “post It” wedding, why not a high tech tweet proposal ? To answer the question why do we all watch…. I think all of us yearn to be chosen, to be special to have someone give us a resting place that no one else holds in his or her life, heart. We all watch, some cynically, some sentimentally, because we want to experience that feeling of intimacy, of hopefulness, of a promise that might be kept even if we have to siphon it off the internet or television..

  4. I don’t think chivalry is dead, it’s just taken on a new accepted form of proposal.. With technology today and the new generation growing up in it, there tend to be a new form of doing thing instead of the traditional ways.

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  6. Black Iris says:

    I prefer a more private proposal. It should be something the other person really could say no to. Later on it’s nice to have something that’s just shared between the two of you.

    It’s not so much whether or not you use social media. Doing something in Central Park with lots of people singing turns it into a performance, too.

  7. I met my husband through — but the rest we’ve done in person. And we’re nearing the 14th anniversary mark. Romance is always appreciated and under-rated. Who am I to judge another person’s idea of romance!?

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