100 Words on Love: A Sunday, in Bed

Zach Rosenberg and son

100 Words on Love by Zach Rosenberg

Curled up, and huddled
under a small blanket, I
feel your head; warm and prickly
from when I shaved it
			last weekend.

Your pupils are dilating as
you play a game on my phone,
little fingers rubbing back

incredible to me that
you’re a little person, a
real human being made
from parts of me, but you still
don’t have to love me…
but you do…
		but you do.

We’re under this blanket, with
our feet sticking out
the bottom, and there is nowhere
in the world I
would rather be


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Photo courtesy of the author

About Zach Rosenberg

Zach Rosenberg is a husband and father living in Southern California. He is co-founder of
fatherhood news site 8BitDad.com, and a contributor to HLNtv.com. You can also find him on Twitter @zjrosenberg.


  1. AD Stephens says:

    Beautiful sentiments

  2. Great poem! That’s how I love spending time with my boys too. It really is a beautiful moment, nice capture and pic too! Go dad!

  3. Simple. Warm. Beautiful.
    Lucky kid.

  4. Beautiful! I love the modern day homage to ee with the back and forth — perfect! And the coziness of this moment is palpable. Love this in every way.

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