My Brother Lives on the Streets

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Donald D'Haene started his own successful theatre/opinion web site:, is an author (Father's Touch), Huffington Post Blogger, and was one of the male Survivors on the Oprah 200 Survivors Episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, November 2010. Follow Donald D'Haene on Twitter @TheDonaldNorth.


  1. Donald,
    We need magic rescuers. We really do !

    I’ll be praying for Erik and you.

  2. Hi Donald,

    Just discovered this wonderful story on my page “Suicide Shatters” hidden in the spam section. I’ve unmarked it today and it shows on the wall dated Dec. 28th, but also decided to re-share it so it goes out to members on their newsfeeds today. Really enjoyed your informative post, loved the suggestion of the $5 Tim card and enjoyed you educating on the struggles the homeless face as well as their families.

    Wasn’t able to tag your name on my FB fanpage, so wanted to let you know I’d read your post.

    So glad you were able to reconnect with your brother, the links are acting up with the photos displayed on your article, but the one that displayed when I re-shared it on my page shows a young man with a hat on so was wondering if that’s the most recent photo of your brother?

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