Undocumented Iraq

When the Iraq war began, embedded photographers were allowed to take pictures of almost everything, but slowly, the military began telling photographers what they weren’t allowed to photograph. Hospitals, morgues, wounded soldiers, and IED scenes were all eventually declared off-limits.

Good Men in The Globe and Mail

GMPM goes international. Sort of. Here’s a snippet from today’s Globe and Mail.

Juan Williams: Bigot?

One the biggest problems with our national discussion about race is our inability to acknowledge this distinction between pre-rational thoughts—which we all have—and the rational choice to act on them.

Another Reason to Loathe the Big Banks

Looking for another reason to hate Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and the rest of the big banks? Need any more evidence that these institutions are entitled-asshole farms?

Candidates Everywhere Told to ‘Man Up’

Sarah Palin famously accused President Obama of not having “cojones,” apparently unaware that she is without that dingly-dangly courage-center herself. In so doing, she seems to have set off a wave of post-feminist, post-logical attacks.

A Response to Slate’s DoubleX

Greg Beato’s column about the “new male self-improvement mags” nails traditional men’s titles like GQ and Maxim, but misunderstands what we’re doing at the Good Men Project Magazine.

Questionable Book Title of the Day

“How To Succeed With Women, Instead Of Freaking Them Out With Poorly Applied Techniques You Learned From A Book” is probably too long.

Donald Duck Meets Glenn Beck

Without a job and facing foreclosure, Donald Duck falls under the spell of Glenn Beck.

LGBT College Students Fearful

The troubling result of a 2010 report on the experiences of LGBT students on America’s college campuses

Picture of the Day

Workers on the Grand Coulee Dam

Penis Envy: The Tipping Point

You learn something new every day. Today, I learned that there’s a practice known as “foreskin restoration,” whereby circumcised men, resentful of having been clipped against their will, tape up their tackle in an attempt to reclaim their man-hood. No, seriously. I wasn’t even aware that this was a concern, but apparently, some men desire […]

Real Men Know How to Take Paternity Leave

From WeNews: Last year while pregnant with our second child, I learned that my husband had accrued six weeks of vacation leave and a stunning eight months of paid sick leave. I suggested (and was prepared to insist) that he use it after the birth of our son and he enthusiastically agreed–and actually made it […]

What Image of Masculinity Are They Trying to Sell?

Are we the Vagina Monologues for Men? The Scrotum Soliloquies? Over at Metafilter.com they’re trying to figure us out.

Ben & Jerry’s: Unnatural

Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is dropping the phrase “all natural” from its product labels, according to the Center for Science and the Public Interest. Last month, CSPI advised the company that it probably shouldn’t use the phrase, considering its products contain such decidedly unnatural ingredients as alkalised cocoa, corn syrup, and hydrogenated oil. Fair […]

PBS War Coverage: Too Graphic?

The following video (after the jump) is from PBS News Hour‘s broadcast from last Friday. James Foley, a reporter with GlobalPost, was in Afghanistan, embedded with an American infantry unit, when they were ambushed by Taliban insurgents. As gunfire rained down on the American forces from surrounding cliffs, a 19-year-old Private, Justin Greer, manned a […]

Livin’ the Dream: Suzanne Rosenwasser

Good Men Project Magazine contributor Suzanne Rosenwasser, a long-time public school teacher, works with at-risk high-school boys, helping them develop the tools they need to succeed. But before she was helping kids achieve their dreams, she had one of her own—to be a writer. Suzanne’s story is featured on DreamitSeekit: Folksinger Harry Chapin had recently […]