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Lori Ann Lothian is a sexy daring writer who challenges assumptions about love, sex and relationships in her columns at Huffington Post and elephant Journal and in feature articles at the Good Men Project, Origin Magazine, Yoganonymous, Better After 50 and more. Former editor of the relationship section of elephant Journal, she is now a senior editor at the Good Men Project. Follow her on Twitter andGoogle. Stay informed, sign up for Lori’s mailing list here.

Being a Man is Not a Pathology

Owen Marcus wants men to know the real problem in emotionally relating to women is that it can’t be learned from women. It has to be learned from other men.

A Dad Serenades his Baby Daughter: Can this Heal the World? (Heart-Melting Video)

What would happen if fathers everywhere loved-up their babies with this kind of tenderness?

6 Men, a Dark Room and a Surprising Lesson in Labels (Video)

What happens when Coca-Cola gets into the social conscience game? An ad worth watching.

Why Men in Skirts are Sexy and a Funny Video to Prove It

Lori Lothian reveals the real reason men in kilts are so hot. And it’s not about the knee socks.

Unforgettable Video: One Girl, Two Men and a Global Movement for Water

A crazily inspiring 3 minute reminder–we all drink from one global well, we are made of water and a countdown to 3pm, March 22, 2014.

How to Kiss a Woman: Not Your Average Advice

Lori Lothian wants men to know lip intimacy is less about technique and more about attention.

An Unforgettable Quote About Intimacy

Anais Nin on what changes the moment you find a person you are willing to reveal your soul to.

Mother of Lonely Boy Gifts Her Son with Friends (thousands of them) for His Birthday

Colin told his mom he didn’t want a birthday party when he turns 11 because he had no friends to invite. Days later he has over 400,000 friends worldwide.

Princeton Study Says Social Media Like an Infectious Disease

Lori Lothian thinks she’s caught the social media fever and wonders if there is a cure.

Submissions Call: Desperately Seeking Soulful Content

What does it mean to be a spiritual man in the 21st century? Let’s have that conversation.

5 Things My Dog Taught Me About God

Lori Lothian is pretty sure there’s something divine about man’s best friend.

The Secret Reason Most Romantic Relationships Fall Apart

Lori Lothian reveals the hidden ingredient that spoils most romantic unions.

What Happens When a Third-Grader Chases His Dreams? He Becomes a 20-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Has Made Dreams Happen

Jeet Banerjee has failed at three start-up businesses. On his fourth try, he figured out the secret to success.

10 Uplifting Quotes for When Bad Things Happen

Lori Lothian’s favorite soul-saving wisdoms for really tough times.

7 Signs You are a Senstive New Age Guy & How to be a Soulful Sexy Dude Instead

Lori Lothian believes it’s time for SNAGS to go the way of the Dodo bird.

A Month of Thankfulness: My Ex Husband

Lori Lothian declares just how amazing an ex can be.